Madara Uchiha Vs WhiteBeard

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I see Whitebeard getting caught in Genjutsu.

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Updated the battle!

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BWAHAHAHAHAHAH whitebeard gets his crew? they murderstomp madara

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Oh, so now Whitebeard gets his crew? Yeah it's over for Madara.
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Madara wins via genjutsu.

Why would you give Whitebeard help when he does not in the slightest need it.

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@OfficialRikudouSennin: Why give WB his crew? This is a mismatch.
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If WB has his crew then give Madara Kurama.
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Either way madara has nothing to take whitebeard head on with save for the strikes from perfect susano'o and perfect has no feat of durability capable of putting it on the level of a quake. I'm being generous in allowing its feat less hype to take 3 quakes. Whitebeard's quakes shift the earth plates, broke an island in two and flipped an island with extreme ease way passed his prime. The fact that whitebeard could keep up in a fight with the admirals passed his prime means he can definitely avoid what madara has to dish out. The only thing that can harm him is the perfect susano'os cut and even then i watched more than enough people come out of it without a scratch to say whitebeard can avoid it with some difficulty. All it takes is a quake.

In the end madara was defeated by a stab wound. Come on bro. What genjutsu do you know of that can take on someone like whitebeard? Lets be honest I mean really honest. You can't possibly assume that tsukiyomi can work on him considering he is durable af. He has observation haki so that's another way to defend himself in the real world or even avoid being hurt in the first place. Not to mention that genjutsu is the manipulation of the chakra system one which whitebeard does not contain. Not to mention if madara puts whitebeard in a genjutsu assuming he could what happens when whitebeard starts quaking in teh real world?

Madara has nothing on whitebeard. Now if you give him kurama then I would be inclined to back down but even then it would be a difficult fight for madara.

Also why give whitebeard his crew? Madara has no way of putting down marco at all.

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@TheNeutralOne: When did I ever say anything about Genjutsu? lol Madara has nothing on WB now? Assuming he can use the Rinnegan as well as Nagato then its the other way around. And I highly doubt he can hang with Madara speed-wise, saying he kept up with the Admirals is hardly enough proof of that. His reactions on the other hand, are debatable. I don't see why Madara can't simply use Mokuton and create a forest and follow up with the meteorite spam. Oh and to those saying it's a suicide move, Madara was abusing Edo Tensei for what it was for.

Okay Madara got stabbed in the end big deal, WB got shot and stabbed as well and he died. Moot point there and since we are on the subject of Tsukiyomi you're assuming because WB is durable he has resistance? Where is the logic in that argument? And why are you so fixated on saying all it takes is a quake?

You being "generous" in your guesstimate on how many quakes PS can take doesn't really prove a point. In the end it's just an opinion and not factual.

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@SpeedForceSpider said:

@OfficialRikudouSennin: Why give WB his crew? This is a mismatch.

easy the fact madara solo half an army WB crew would be nothing plus he has Wood+Rinnegan

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Madara could just use Wood Dragon to hold him down then cut him in half with Perfect Susanoo.

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How in the world is he going to hold down Whitebeard? That's not happening. Whitebeard's physical strength is beyond all but the Jinchuriki in Naruto and if that were not enough, 1 quake would demolish the wood dragon or at least put it on its back.
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@taichokage: Hashirama used it to bind the Kyuubi in his fight against Madara,

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Yes but Whitebeard is not only probably way too small for that (despite his size) but he can quake it away.
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@taichokage: True i don't think it would hold him down forever just buy Madara some time.

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25-30 meters away is a good distance for Madara to pull out Perfect Susanoo or use Mokuton.

At least this isn't like one thread in ComicVine where peeps claimed that Madara would roflstomp Whitebeard with a 6 meter starting distance.

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@SpeedForceSpider: I like how you said assuming he can use the rinnengan like nagato because he has never shown teh ability too. Also its not my opinion quakes can destroy it its a fact. The only difference between perfect susano'o and incomplete is that it is very large, requires more chakra, and is a bit more durable it also gives him some good height advantage. Prove the perfect susano'o is vastly more durable than his incomplete and i will submit. However tsuande's punch broke a part of it which means whitebeard's quakes would demolish it.

Madara can't use that large meteor because it is suicide. That's the end of that argument.

Do not put madara being stabbed as teh same as whitebeard being stabbed. That is ludicrous. Whitebeard was stabbed over 200 times received over 100 shot wounds and was shoot by canon balls dozens of times. He had two holes in his chest, his organs were incinerated and he had like half a face. And he was fighting just like that before he died. And in the end he died standing up. Madara was tricked by a basic jutsu and stabbed in the back by a normal kunai and died. Your comparison makes no sense.

Whitebeard can quake away anything madara has to offer. That is a fact considering madara has shown nothing durable enough to withstand a quake. Unless you can provide evidence for it(which i know you can't because i read the manga to).

Whitebeard with his crew murder stomp considering he would have diamond jozu and marco(who is basically untouchable). Whitebeard alone can win with mid-high difficulty or lose depending on how long the battle drags out.

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@TheNeutralOne: First of all, you are saying incomplete Susanoo has basically the same durability as PS(which is stupid) so you need to prove otherwise. And I like how I can't assume Madara cannot use his own eyes better than someone else can, yet you can assume crap like genjustsu won't work because he is too durable fail. Doesn't matter what you say though, Madara has far more agility which is more than enough.

I can make any comparisons I want, getting stabbed is getting stabbed. Madara was stabbed by a sword not a "normal kunai" do you even know what you are talking about? You only proved WB has massive damage soak not high durability haha, try understanding the difference between withstanding damage from wounds and actually tanking things.

The point of the matter is he is faster than WB can use his quakes so he doesn't have to lol tank anything in the first place.

Madara wins end of story.

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