Madara Uchiha vs Tobirama Senju

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Location: Valley of the End. 
Standard winning conditions. 
No prep. 
Morals are off. 
Both are starting 35 ft. away. 
Who wins? 
Round 1: Edo versions. 
Round 2: Both are alive.
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madara wins

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I'll go with Madara on both rounds as well but I find that having two EDO characters battling each other to be a little bit odd. Anyway, I don't have much knowledge on Tobirama's feats but from my observation and assumptions, he's well-versed in WATER jutsus, he created EDO TENSEI (?) and he's not THAT strong (definitely not as strong as his brother). If I'm not mistaken, in the Manga, it was mentioned that Tobirama and the second (?) Raikage were attacked and almost killed by the Gold & Silver brothers. So, my assumption on Tobirama's strength mainly comes from that fight.

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Madara stomps actually.

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@SpeedForceSpider said:

Madara stomps actually.


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