Madara Uchiha vs Killer Bee and Raikage

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Madara would win. He's clearly the strongest character shown in the series so far aside from the Sage and possibly his two sons. He was able to react to Raikage's attack meaning that he isn't greatly outclasses in terms of speed. Madara's Rinnegan abilities will enable to absorb the chakra of any ninjutsu Killer Bee might use against him and his Susanoo will protect him from most of their attacks. And if all five Kages are needed to fight against Madara, I doubt Raikage and Killer Bee will be able to defeat him. Madara could simply bring down two meteors again if he wanted to since the technique has no visible strain on him. Not to mention that he can use Wood Release and most likely other techniques we haven't seen, for example, we haven't seen him use Amaterasu yet.


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Madara. He is clearly the most powerful character shown so far in Naruto. He makes elite tiers seem second rate. The kage are the top elite tier characters along with the jinchuriki and if it is taking all 5 of them to fight Madara, I can't see why 1 kage (short of the first hokage) along with one jinchuriki can defeat him.
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I agree that Madara takes this without too much difficulty, but I'm not sure how effective the meteor strategy will be with regeneration off (it hit Madara as well). I'm confident that Bee could blast it rubble anyway if it did come to it.

Madara wins due to his combination of rinnegan abilties and EMS though.

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madara wins
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