Madara Uchiha vs. Akatsuki

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This is not a gauntlet! Edo Madara is fighting all the Akatsuki members at once, and this includes Tobi/Obito. Everyone is bloodlust and going all out.

Battle location is at an open plains.

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Edo Madara is immortal with unlimited chakra, their only hope would be Gedo Mazo or Izanami.

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Making Madara an Edo Tensei kind of seals his victory. Even without Edo Tensei though, only thing I see working even slightly is Izanami. Other than that, I don't see anything the Akatsuki has that can beat Madara.

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Extremely doubtful that Madara would fall for Izanami. I doubt Itachi's use of sharingan could work on the the most powerful Uchiha of all time. That being said its a good fight IMO. There are twice as many kage level opponents and the 5 while beaten could put up a fight. I think Pain and Itachi especially would be the driving force. But at the end of the day I do see Madara winning with Decent effort.
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See Madara taking this with difficulty. Pain and Itachi are likely to give him difficulty and the Akatsuki have some means in their arsenal that could overcome Madara's Edo upgrade if planned right (Totsuka Sword and soul sucking through one of the Paths being most notable). Otherwise, I'd see Madara winning this in most scenarios.

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Even Madara alive could probably take this with some difficulty. Guys like Nagato, Obito, and even Itachi are big hitters, but Madara is just in a different league. Unless Zetsu pulls off some Kaguya bs of course.
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Tobi solos. He'd just Kamui Madara away and leave him, Pain could bring Madara back and Zetsu could easily restrain Madara long enough for the others to finish him.

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He didn't get the external warp until he combined with Kakashi. He only could do the personal warp. That's why he couldn't capture Naruto.
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madara drops a meteor and kills everyone

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Gets solo'ed by Black Zetsu

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He could only do that when he was the Sage because he wielded the Juubi power which was Kaguya if I'm not mistaken. Otherwise he could've controlled him from the start.
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@taichokage: Didn't Obito and Kakashi both try to suck someone in with Kamui? Didn't Obito take Naruto and Sakura into his eye using Kamui after he was exorcised of the 10 tails?

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Yes, but he only gained the ability once he combined his sharingan with Kakashi. He's since obtained the ability and his other eye but he never could use it before that.
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I would have to give this fight to madara he is just above everyone and if he does what he did to the five kage making 5 clones for each person they are so screwed also if he uses that perfect susano of his and went all out with that thing they would we be finished.

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The Akatsuki give Madara a better fight than the Kage's did; however, once Madara whips out the Perfect Susano'o, it's over for everyone. Honestly, Madara's experience far exceeds anyone on this team and his vast knowledge of many Jutsu is just too much for everyone, It's not like Madara won't know what Izanami is, or the Six Path's utilization, or anything at all the Akatsuki has to offer. With the Akatsuki's combined efforts, I can see them pushing him like the Kage's did, but only to Perfect Susano'o.
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@othus12 said:

madara drops a meteor and kills everyone


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@othus12 said:

madara drops a meteor and kills everyone

Deidara blows it up. The clay artist could be very useful in this fight, since he's one of the only ones who can counter Madara's large scale attacks.

Meteor? Meet C3 bomb.

Akatsuki has a half-decent shot here. Together they're an extremely versatile team, they have the brains of Itachi, the battle experience of Kakuzu and have enough power and hax to make what the 5 kages brought to the table look like a joke.

I would have said Madara definitely wins, but when you add in Obito, things get a lot trickier. The Uchiha grandaddy is going to have to watch his back for the entire fight, because if not, he's getting dumped in the kamui dimension. Obito can avoid almost anything that Madara dishes out as well.

But once Madara brings out PS, most of the team become useless. Konan's only use in this fight would be to obscure Madara's vision with paper (but the sharingan might negate that anyway, so meh). Black Zetsu could manipulate the earth at its feet, but I don't see how he could put it down. Chibaku tensei might stall it, but again, wouldn't end it. Deidara could prep C0 while this happens, which might be able to break through PS or even destroy it. After that, Obito (who is the only one who will survive the blast) can kamui him.

If even C0 can't get through though, then it's only a matter of time before they're overwhelmed.

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Madara's his name, soloing the Akatsuki is his game.

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@SpeedForceSpider: This made me laugh but yeah your right lol

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None of the akatsuki can break through PS.Once thats up, its over.

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