Machinedramon vs Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura

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Who would win? I'll allow Multi-Shadow clone if people still think this is a one-sided fight. Please elaborate on who you think will win. I caan't vote b/c I don't know enough about these characters.

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  • has enough firepower to wipe out an entire city
  • fast enough to tag wargreymon
  • able to resist the combined attacks of all ultimate level digimon +angemon
  • Is a boss.
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Naruto can summon Giant Toads, can summon multiple Kage level clones and can go into 9 tails modes where he can fire off attacks that level mountains. When in 9 tails mode he can react really fast, can sense evil intentions, can extend multiple chakra arms etc etc.

Then you have EMS Sasuke with Susanoo, which grants him a massive defence boost, although probably not enough to guard against Machinedramon's attack. He can also use Amaterasu to set Machinedramon on fire.

Sakura's useless.

I think Team Naruto could just about take it.

I'm not going to disregard Machinedramon's feats though. Metal Greymon is said to have the fire power of a nuke and he was no match against Machinedramon. So I will say it would be close but I think Machinedramon would lose in the end.

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mmm hard to say... like Ohgodwhy said Naruto can summon giant toads, 9 tails that can fire mountain level attacks... but I believe that Machinedramon wins due to his fire power, and is also very fast. Also he is very durable because he is pure metal... so I'll give it to Machinedramon.

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