Luke Skywalker Vs Sasuke

Topic started by Wizardboy on Feb. 16, 2012. Last post by CerusSerenade 2 years, 2 months ago.
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@PikminMania: Ok cool, but long does he need to use this power? Also Sasuke doesn't really have a weakness as such, so it wouldn't really play much of a part here.

The only debate was ever if Luke was fast enough to keep up with Sasuke and stop himself getting blitzed, if he can then Luke wins.

Luke is hypersonic with lightspeed reactions, Sasuke has no such speed and he himself gets blitzed from the other side of the planet via mindrape. You still haven't counted with how Sasuke survives mindrape from someone who could mindrape a planet of psychics all at the same time.

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