Luke Skywalker Vs Sasuke

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Kid Sasuke
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sasuke because of the sharigan he could see light speed and go light speed after coping rocklee
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Can you put some detail of the battle? There are other Sasuke

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The sasuke from naruto
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sasuke rules
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Where the match?

Did any have prep time?

Which version of Luke?

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strongest version of luke it is in a open field they did have prep time
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Wait the strongest version of Luke against pre time skip sasuke?

This is just bad, Luke destroys him with the ungodly fury of the force.

Is this thread for real?

@tronboy said:

sasuke because of the sharigan he could see light speed and go light speed after coping rocklee

Lol just no.

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Hmm, Sasuke certainly has the edge in terms of speed here, if we're using the end of part 1 Sasuke then I think he may be able to blitz Luke.

If the speed was equalized then this would be a stomp in Luke's favour though.

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@GIRUGAMESH: The strongest incarnation of luke is massively hypersonic with lightspeed reactions through precognition with the force.

And that is the version he wants to use

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Either you aren't aware of how much more powerful comic Luke is than movie Luke, or you are tremendously overhyping Sasuke or both. Luke would destroy this version of Sasuke with great ease.
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@Yusuke52: I find that extremely hard to believe, even for the likes of grandmaster Luke. Nobody else in the series comes anywhere near that level. Do you have any scans/examples to validate that with?

@taichokage: Powerful of course, but how fast is he? I know that he is well above peak human in terms of movement and reaction speed, but would you say fast enough to keep up with Sasuke?

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@GIRUGAMESH: Unfortunatly I dont have scans at my disposal currently but I will keep looking, I do however have examples of his use with Force Speed and other force related speed feats.

1. Would be when he fought the Emperor and the duel was invisible to the naked eye, even Leia could not see them and she was force senstitive at the time. I believe this is from the DE Audiobook

Luke: "No! I made a mistake! I thought I had to save the galaxy alone. All by myself. But the way of the Jedi is not a solitary path."

Leia: "The holocron!! Luke, the holocron told me to “join with my brother!” "

Luke: "Yes. The Force binds us. Brings us together. Many people are fighting this war, together! Our ally is the Force! Through the strength of the Force, your shroud of evil has been lifted from my mind! "

<Lightsaber activating>

Emperor: "So be it. Through the power of the Force, you will die!"

<Sabers clashing>

Leia: "Be careful, Luke! The Force is strong... they’re both moving so fast, I can hardly see them... I feel waves of power... the Dark Side and the Light but I feel the Light... is winning!"

<sound of Luke landing a blow, cutting off Palpatines hand>

Emperor: "Argh~! My hand~! You've cut off my hand~!"

Luke: "Now, “Your Highness,” we will escort you to the Alliance base, where you will surrender the Galaxy to the New Republic!"

Another would be this.

A horizontal hail of energy bolts stabbed at Luke---The Force let him move faster than he thought possible, and he wove a defensive tapestry with his lightsaber that turned the hard rain away. Ricocheting beams hit and pierced walls, bounty hunters, the floor, the ceiling. It was dangerous to be here, no matter where you stood. Amazed as he was at his speed and skill, Luke knew it couldn't continue. He had to miss only one block and he would be a goner. Sooner or later, they'd get him.

And one more (There are more and I will try and find the very impressive ones unless someone beats me to it)

The Force. Let it work for you, Luke.Luke heard Ben's voice calling as if from a great distance, echoing across space and time. Yes. He managed a breath as Guri raised her hand, formed now into a blade instead of a fist, a grin of triumph lightingi her features---When he blew out his air, he blew his fear out with it. He had to trust the Force completely---Guri slowed, as if she were suddenly mired in thickened time. He saw her hand descending, saw it moving to smash him, but it was so incredibly slow, why, he could easily just roll aside and stand, before she ever reached him...He did so. He felt as if he were moving at normal speed, though there was a crackling feeling to his motion, a sound like a strong wind whistling about his ears.

He came up, pivoted, thrust his open palm against the descending chop, shoved it aside. He used his left leg, a sweep that caught Guri behind the right ankle. Her feet left the floor, still moving in slow motion, and she fell, floated down, hit flat on her back...Time speeded up. Leia's yell still echoed down the corridor. Guri hit the floor.

Not to mention his precog will just render Sasukes speed useless and his TK is unbelievely powerful.

Also its not uncommon for the EU versions of jedi or sith to be hypersonic and up in reactions (Reactions tend to be augmented by precog so they are more around lightspeed level or just under)

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@Yusuke52: I'm sorry but that's crap, the evidence doesn't come close to suggesting that they were hypersonic, let alone possessing lightspeed reaction. I will accept that Luke will be able to keep track of Sasuke in this fight, but matching him is questionable. If you have any doubts, please go back and watch the Lee vs Gaara fight; Sasuke will be moving at least as quickly as seen there.

I will address each of your examples in turn:

1. Leia had a lot of trouble keeping track of their movements; so what? By that logic Lee (and henceforth Sasuke) would have been massively hypersonic, which isn't the case at all.

2. Luke deflects a barrage of energy bolts. Hurrah, it proves nothing except that he has good reaction speeds.

3. Moving so fast that other people seem to be moving in slow motion does not equal massively hypersonic. Please do not jump to any conclusions.

At the very most Luke has supersonic reaction speed, and that's being very generous. Every character in the star wars universe who isn't a force user has pretty much peak human speed; making them look like they're in slow motion or blitzing them simply isn't very impressive, I really don't know where you got this lightspeed stuff from. Unless you can show much more impressive showings then Luke has no clear advantage (if any) on Sasuke's speed.

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@GIRUGAMESH: Sorry you're misunderstanding me (but that is because of my bad wording so no fault of your own). His Speed with the force is formidable but not hypersonic (That was my fault what I ment to say was his reaction speed was hypersonic and upwards), but his reactions are far above that. You asked for speed feats so thats what I went to get.

He has precognition (The ability to predict moves before they happen)

Through precognition he would predict every move sasuke could make, Luke has also shown (Calced at) nanosecond reaction speed, and his power with the force is second to none. He could mind fuck sasuke as soon as the match starts or rip him into pieces with TK.

Or he could release an omnidirectional Force based wave and destroy him like that

I just need to ask if you have any idea how powerful the EU is in star wars because you seem to be doubting Luke quite a bit?

I also found another fight with him in it on another fourm. Once again sorry but the link function is not working for me.

That is him soloing all of the HST at once. (Multiple scenairos)

His advantage comes from his precog and reaction speed not to mention superior skill and fighting ability.

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@Yusuke52: Fair enough then, and as I said he's more than powerful enough to beat Sasuke, the only thing that I thought could be an issue is the speed factor here, but Luke's reaction speed seems great enough that at the very least he could react to Sasuke's attacks.

He could always use that light judgement attack as well (or whatever it's called).

Luke wins here then (not sure about him soloing the whole HST though).

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@GIRUGAMESH: Yeah I believe that's called lightning judgement, but I call it emerald lightning for some reason.

Yeah I came across that while looking for those pieces of text. But he does win a few of those scenarios from what I saw.

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@GIRUGAMESH: He also has force shatter point which allows to find soemone's weakness and then use the force to take it out.

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... *sigh* I apologize if this is counts as trolling, but really? Between Wizardboy and Tronboy, I'm losing all remaining faith in the intelligence and common sense of human beings... At least insofar as judgements regarding the combat abilities of fictional characters goes.

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@PikminMania: Ok cool, but long does he need to use this power? Also Sasuke doesn't really have a weakness as such, so it wouldn't really play much of a part here.

The only debate was ever if Luke was fast enough to keep up with Sasuke and stop himself getting blitzed, if he can then Luke wins.

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