Luke Skywalker vs Allied Shinobi Forces

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Luke mindrapes them and then teleports a lightsaber through their skulls.

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The Shinobi forces will be the victors in this one and I will explain why.
  1. Unless Luke is at planet-busting level, he will have a difficult time taking out all of them.
  2. The ninjas have healers, Luke has nothing, not even a time-out in the fight. It is just a matter of time before his injuries overwhelm him.
  3. There are Shinobi who control lightning, that has to have some effect on a lightsaber so if they can get in a good blast then Luke is weakened.
  4. The ninjas have poison too, this give Luke a major disadvantage.
  5. A tailed beast would probably stand a good chance against Luke, not because of their sheer power but because of their durability and persistence. He will have his hands full with them alone, there is no way he could handle an army along with that.
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Team wins due to huge numbers advantage, these aren't just a large number of droids, these are diverse shinobi with their own hax powers who also possess super strength and speed.  
However, how fast is Luke? Does he have light speed reactions? 
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@Masako_Hihashi said:
"Luke is really powerful, he also haves the Esmerald Judgment (the good version of Force Lighting) but he is highly outnumbered and not even with the help of Revan he can win this, they are fast, but the Ninjas outnumbered them and maybe they can even out skill them, we have Fire manipulators, Earth Manipulators and other elemental and strange powers Luke never has seen before "
He can manipulate fire and earth with the force, I think. It'd be cool if it was Yoda and Mace Windu vs. Killer Bee and the Raikage. And it'd also be serious spite in favor of Star Wars.
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Oh for the love of....

I know i'm necroing, but this needs to be done.

Why in the hell does anyone think that this isn't a stomp when Luke literally just has to mindfuck them all?

Did we already forget how Luke mindfucked a planet of psychics? Last I checked low level genjutsu, aka mindfuckery, worked on every single character in Naruto. Luke's level of mindfuckery will turn their brains into gelatin.

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@Masako_Hihashi: It states luke has info and 10 days prep. He will know about them.

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Grand Master Luke wins easy

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