luffy vs rock lee

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@Rayleon: oh sry , thats off topic and just curious
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ok timeout lets put some facts in here, yea lee is fast and strong but I don't think he is on the same level as Luffy. Look at the Oz and Arlong both very strong characters (Luffy was able to hurt both), look at Bellamy, Lucci, Blueno (Luffy has the speed to at least keep up with Lee's moves, and honestly I think Luffy's strongest ability is the fact that he can adapt so quick. Look at his fights against Crocodile and  Lucci, he was able to no only fight them on their level he also surpassed them. Another key factor is that Luffy has an ass load of stamina, Enes Lobby incident, he ran around the whole island beating up marines before he even got to CP9 members and he still beat two of em counting their leader and then look at the Skypia arc where he ran around for a long time with a huge golden ball attached to his arm. Lee's biggest problem is time when he fights, when he opens his gates, if it doesn't work then he is pretty much screwed, because its his strongest weapon and he is completely exhausted after wards. I just don't see Lee pulling this one out, even if he does use weapons (something he rarely does).
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Rock Lee if he borrow's Asuma's Chakra Knives.
Luffy otherwise.
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Luffy wins, his greater strenght lies in his endurance and the power of the Gomu Gomu fruit to withstand concussive blows, and if he enters Gear Second he could beat the everliving crap off Lee, gates or no gates...
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First of all read the whole post before replying please. 
Gomu Gomgu no mi - The user's ability to stretch and twist like rubber to extreme lengths not only makes them immune to injuries that originate from such    
This means that Luffy is invulnerable to punches and kicks(unless they are elemental, but lee cant use any ninjutsu or genjutsu so hes fucked)  
and you guys think that rock lee's ultra fast and that luffy's a slow ass turd but u guys are wrong
this is a battle scene luffy had in chapter 232 (currently chapter 580)
you cant even see his enemey
but luffy stills pwns him easily with one hit...  the battle lasted about 30 seconds lmao
this shows that luffy is extremely good at facing fast opponents, and this battle was in chapter 232 when luffy didnt even have gear 2 and when he was fairly weak 
now onepiece is running chapter 580 and luffy is much stronger, faster, and experienced at facing quick opponents. 

extra info   
luffy raped the CP9 dudes who used soru 

With leg strength explosive enough to seemingly cause one's body to "disappear"...

The Soru ( 剃 , Shave ) allows the users to moves at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds. It was revealed that the principle of this move was to kick off the ground at least ten (10) times in a blink of an eye. Luffy has also learned from this move and was able to use it in his fights against Blueno, Lucci, and Mihawk, though Luffy's own version (via Gear Second) is more powerful and swifter     

o and u said u never saw luffy withstanding physical attacks well he withstanded lucci's rokuougan and still managed to stand up, fight another 10-20minutes and defeat lucci 

The Rokuougan ( 六王銃 , Six King Gun ) is the secret and ultimate attack of the Rokushiki style. Rob Lucci states that only those who have absolute mastery of the other six skills can have access to this seventh skill. The user places both his/her fists right in front of the target and launches a devastating shock wave, which seems to have the same power to an Impact Dial or even a Reject Dial (depending on the amount of energy absorbed by the dial), and causing massive internal injuries.       

luffy also penetrated the CP9's tekkai very easily when he used gear2
The Tekkai ( 鉄塊 , Iron Mass ) hardens the users' muscles to the level of iron, in order to nullify damage taken from attacks. However, it can be broken by strong enough forces such as Luffy's various Gears      
Is Lee's skin harder than iron? I don't think so, and even if it was as I mentioned right above, Luffy's gear 2 punches are easily strong enough to break through it  

Gear Second (ギア2(セカンド), Gia 2 (Sekando)). In Luffy's case, all of his organs are made up of rubber, so they can expand and contract, allowing the blood to move at the increased speed without stressing any internal organ, such as the blood vessels and the heart, without causing it to explode. This mode's enhancements to Luffy's physiology gives him the ability to use a new, stronger set of techniques which are generally the same as his old ones, but are so fast that even a skilled assassin would have a hard time actually seeing them.  
This form also enables Luffy access to his own version of the Rokushiki technique, Soru, which would make sense since he used Soru's principle, which is to kick the ground ten or more multiple times to propel the user over to a desired distance at imperceivable speeds, as the basis of Gear Second by incorporating it with his Gomu Gomu No Mi powers. In other words, Luffy practically uses his elastic body by compressing it and using it as the kick-off point when initiating Gear Second. As a result, he can not only utilize a much more refined form of Soru that is far superior to other Soru users, but the power of his attacks are also greatly enhanced by the great speed that they seem to break the sound barrier, generating sonic boom-like effects in the process 
   This is one of Luffy's strongest techniques. Luffy stands still, and moves his arms so fast that they become invisible, covering the enemy with dozens of punches  in a mere split second(each punch is strong enough to damage skin harder than iron)  .  Now the dude whos getting pummeled has skin tekkai on(iron skin) imagine if the dude getting pummeled was Rock Lee who seems very fragile
    Imagine if Rock Lee was hit with the size of a house...
In conclusion, Luffy's instincts, reflexes, strength, and endurance are incomparable with Rock Lee and I bet he could beat Rock lee without Gear 2... O yeah Luffy's also invulnerable to kicks and punches lamo. The person who created this post seems like a die hard naruto fan, but you gotta face the facts...

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Thanks for the exposition!
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