Luffy vs Orochimaru

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The fight takes place in Konoha. No prep. Morals are off. Win by Death / K.O. Who wins? 
One Piece 571 - Luffy's Film Z Outfit
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Luffy cannot kill Orochimaru, but he can probably KO him.

And does Luffy's outfit really matter?

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@ImDictatorBowDown: isnt that what he does to every opponent he has?

Post by YoungChief (486 posts) See mini bio Level 7

Luffy for the absolute pwn in 2 seconds he is way too fast for Orochimaru

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Luffy rather easily. Orochimaru's regeneration could drag the battle out, but he'll eventually tire and have nothing left to restore himself with.

Post by Jinbeifan1 (3,137 posts) See mini bio Level 14

while orochimaru might regenerate, if he keeps getting smashed, i doubt he'll be able to get up. one jet pistol will destroy his first body and then it goes the same from there

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1 Elaphant gun should do the trick. Orochimaru might regenerate and such for a time, but this will be Orochimaru vs 4 tails all over again only the "4 Tails" also has speed this time.
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Luffy stomps....

Reason 1. speedblitz

Reason 2. Speedblitz

Reason 3. Ohhhh Yeahhh SPEEDBLITZ....

Post by JThree47605 (1,004 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Luffy speed blitzes Orochimaru to hell

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