Luffy vs Gajeel

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The fight takes place in Konoha. 
No prep. 
Morals: in character. 
Win via Knockout.  
Current versions. 
Who wins? 
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Yeah Luffy. Gajeel doesn't have much on him other than that he can make sharp weapons. Even then it won't matter when Luffy has the strength, speed and reaction advantage.
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Luffy blitzes Gajeel.

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I'm more familiar with Fairy Tail than I am with One Piece [seen roughly half the series/read the manga starting with the current arc] and I'm in Luffy's camp. In the current arc none of the Dragon Slayers were able to defeat any of the dragons that challenged them [sans Natsu, who was hopped up on dragon flame steroids at the time] and the those dragons - going by Motherglare's feats - should have all been mountain level. Luffy as shown the potential to easily level towns, and his speed is exceptional - hypersonic compared to what should still be supersonic for Gajeel... currently Luffy takes this.

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