Luffy vs Blackbeard

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This would be current Luffy vs Blackbeard at the end of the Marineford War

Both bloodlusted

Fight starts 50m away

Fight is on a deserted island

Who wins?

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Luffy loses.

Bloodlusted Blackbeard = gravity pull tech + devil fruit nullified + full power quake

I believe Luffy is faster than Ace but even if he could evade that gravity tech Blackbeard could engulf the battle field & try absorb him that way or spam quakes until Luffy dies.

Well maybe Luffy could use elephant gun gatling until Blackbeard dies I guess.

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if it means blackbeard gets the gura gura no mi then luffy would lose pretty badly.

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Personally, in part 1 at least, I didn't rate Blackbeard too highly.

He beat Ace, just about. He took one big hit from Luffy which nearly knocked him out. Magellan nearly killed him and his crew in one hit. A near dead Whitebeard pretty much would have killed him if he wasn't his "son" in one hit. Him and his crew ran away from Akainu.

So where would I put Blackbeard in a OP strength tier? Probably just above someone the likes of Ace and Smoker. He's powerful but there's no way he could compete against the upper tiers in OP. Then right at the end of Part 1 he gained the Gura devil fruit which makes him a lot more dangerous but as seen it wasn't really a power he could control, it just made him a lot more destructive.

Luffy now is far more powerful, we can't really say how much more powerful but I don't think it would be wrong to say that he's more powerful than Smoker and Ace.

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Luffy may have gotten stronger, but Teach held his own against the strongest guy in the Marines, Sengoku (well maybe Garp is stronger.) even that aside. Teach has a logia fruit and the most powerful paramencia fruit, plus notable stamina and strength. He should take current Luffy out with relative ease.
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@taichokage: Did he? I can remember him getting his ass handed to him by pretty much every big name character. A dying Whitebeard would have killed him if he hadn't felt pity on him at the last second. Magellan had killed pretty much killed him and his crew if Shiliew hadn't saved him.

Blackbeard and his whole crew ran away from Akainu, despite being pretty desperate for a new ship and despite having the Gura Gura no Mi which clearly indicates that he and his whole crew aren't anywhere near admiral level. Also, finally he barely beat Ace and I think current Luffy could have taken Ace without too much difficulty (Maybe I'm giving him too much credit, but he has pretty much stomped everyone he's fought since Part 2).

Edit: The scene with him fighting back against Sengoku was anime only. In the manga all he did was survive the hit by Sengoku, showing he has massive durability but nothing else.

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He succeeded in scarring Shanks once upon a time. 'Nuff said?

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@HowTerribleIsThat: That is a valid point. Maybe Blackbeard just never fought at full power against the others but then again it doesn't really explain all the other things I already mentioned above. Also it was never mentioned when Blackbeard gave him the scars. Shanks may not have been as powerful back then. When Shanks saw him at the Marineford War he effectively just told Blackbeard to get lost and it didn't look like Blackbeard wanted to face him either, despite having his new Gura powers.

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