Luffy vs Alita

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Dont know much about Alita, but she looked like an interesting opponent in another fight.

Post time skip Luffy (since I now know pre isnt enough :P)

Battle in grassy knoll

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alita wins with mid-low difficulty. all she has to do is touch him and its pretty much over due to her super heated plasma. her imaginos body should regen from anything luffy can dish

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@FormerCrimsonKing: what about post time skip? haki could most likely protect him when in contact at the least

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Pre-Skip Luffy gets destroyed. He's fast. She's faster, more accurate and has far higher cognitive abilities. And yes her Plasma will pretty much melt him, it not sear right through his body with plasma claws. His rubbery body may absorb some of the impact of a Hertza Haeon, but a full shot would still make him wonder why his blood vessels and organs are rupturing. 
The only thing going in Luffy's favor is the fact he's all flesh and no metal.
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@ReiKai: whats her top speed? perhaps luffy at least has that advantage (post ts)

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Alita is massively hypersonic and above. She evolved again into what Nova says is "Imaginos 2.1". We haven't even seen what it can do since she was only fighting Toji with it at 60% capacity, and she was distracted because "She couldn't decide what outfit she wanted to wear". But before that she was countering Toji's plasma-tornado with an attack that was said to be happening at the "speed of thought". However it was interrupted by the Jovians interfering with the Wormhole in her chest, resulting in her body being torn apart.
Of course, Alita was pissed by this and went back through the wormhole driver and royally fucked up the Jovians for interfering in her fight, then used her power to completely regenerate herself and her body adapted into 2.1 and, as Nova states, her power would've increased by several magnitudes from this. As said though, she was only at 60% readiness before Toji came at her (while under the direction of Don Fua, his karate master who was thought dead), and she took both his arms off and would've killed him had Don Fua not intervened.
And thanks to Alita lending Don Fua power and using her imaginos cells to repair his damage, Fua created a micro black hole to destroy the Sword of Damocles that Mbadi used to try and kill them all with.
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hmm well thats not very specific, are there any calcs for it? Speed wise, Luffy is considered 30+ mach, which is massive hyper sonice

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Calcing BA characters can be difficult when some of them pull moves that launch them into super-luminal speeds (it was how Toji defeated Anomaly when Zekka used him like a cannonball and launched him at a cosmic velocity). Alita also negated tens of thousands of wave forms bouncing around inside Zazzie's head that were all moving at hypersonic speeds within a few seconds. So you can easily guess her cognitive functions and reaction speeds are magnitudes above that. You can easily say her reaction times are Mach 50 and above for that alone.
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@ReiKai: you cant exactly say that, it can only be called speculation. id have to see scans of it or someone needs to make calcs. For all i know, you might just be saying that shes above mach 50 because you think shes faster than Luffy, when she might or might not be. Either way, it's too unclear from only that

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Sechs would probably have been a better candidate with his Expansion Punches. Not Zekka though, since Zekka has an Anti-Matter attack.
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@ReiKai: that could have been twice or three times mach 5, nut still not mach 30... but then again i could be wrong. im too lazy to try and calculate that lol

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Well this is what needed to happen. Alita has to calculate and intercept the trajectory of at least, say, twenty-thousand soliton waves rebounding within a space no larger than a human skull. They are invisible and moving a rate of speed above Mach 5 (so between 5-10). Each soliton wave has a different frequency, so Alita has to create a counter-wave for each individual soliton wave. All of this needs to be done almost simultaneously to prevent Zazzie's head from exploding.

That means within a second or two, Alita calculated the trajectory of twenty-thousand microscopic wave forms moving at hypersonic+ speed and struck all of them with with precisely tuned counter-waves. What would've taken scientists decades to figure out, Alita did in roughly 2sec. This does have to do with her quantum link to Melchizedek through the Fata Morgana, which gives her free reign of the processing power of a monstrous super-computer thats original function was predicting the future.

And her cognitive prowess would only increase as she evolved further.

So, my estimations of at least Mach 50 reactions, with the use of her Quantum Link, is not so much a stretch as it is perhaps a low-ball figure. Especially when you consider she could move almost instantaneously had the Jovians not interfered with her.


Cleaned Manga Scan

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Soooo Luffy wins now huh? XD

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@Jinbeifan1: Of course he does lol

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Luffy still loses this fight , he is strong but there are still a lot of people that can beat him that are not "DBZ level"

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I have some free time. I was about to work on One Piece, but someone bump this thread. I have to clean some scans. I removed the other ones in FalconC's thread, but I clean this one for you since you never responded.

You will be held accountable for future threads.

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@ReiKai: what do you think of this?

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@SMXLR8: That's true, but Luffy is much faster than was calced when this was made. She may be quite durable, but he runs circles around her now.

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@Jinbeifan1: I don't think so , it would be a cool CAV if made but he still loses this one

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@takashichea: Thanks though and I was doing that on the other. Thought I removed those images from there first as I planned to delete, edit and then put them back up later. Was making a post there, but never went through last night 'cause thread was locked before I knew it. Oh well. I didn't even notice the splash tags until they were pointed out. So I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them from now on. 
: I don't have any further thoughts until people start showin what Luffy can do these days.
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