Luffy and Zoro vs Doflamingo and Fujitora

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This is more of a betting battle, for from the looks of it, ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!!!

Most likely it will be Zoro vs Fujitora and Luffy vs Doflamingo. They're already set on the path of crushing the bird guy but for some reason I'm sure we'll find out Issoh is helping him. And that means it's gonna be ONE. EPIC. BATTLE. or two I guess lol BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Battle is in Dressrosa of course!

Admiral Fujitora / Issho
Admiral Fujitora / Issho
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Luffy and Zoro will get slaughtered. I think someone or something will definitely end up saving them if this fight ends up playing out.

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@ohgodwhy: honestly if that were true then Oda wouldnt set up the fight like this... hopefully. Because if it does end up being something like that then it would literally have to be Kaidou himself who shows up, but from the look of it that's not happening anytime soon. Oda likes to foreshadow :P

Honestly I believe these two are at admiral level now, or at least approaching quickly. We havent seen enough of either of them that would make me say they arent.

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I see somebody else is hyped just like me. I've said it since the beginning but I think Dressrosa arc has the makings to be in the top 3 arcs if not the too arc to date. Anyways, righ now I'm of the opinion that Luffy and Zoro would lose but not badly. I'm one of those people who feels Zoro is equal to Luffy if not superior. At the very least it's incredibly close. Luffy will have to face Doflamingo in the not so distant future and he will have to win. The question is has he already reached that level now that Don is the main enemy. I'd have to say not quite. It will probably be like when Luffy faced Crocodile. He didn't gain new powers but his skill and tactis improved and after losing twice, he beat Crocodile the third time. I think Don will be something like that. I'll say Don and Fujitora take it with some difficulty for now but by the end of this saga (maybe even arc) I think Luffy and Zoro will have a very good chance.
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@Jinbeifan1: Admiral level is stretching it abit too far... I don't even think Flamingo is Admiral level close to it but not on it.

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Doflamingo or Fujitora can solo this.  
Fujitora needs more feats and we need to see him in a fight. 
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I think it's Luffy and Zoro who's gonna get their asses kicked

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I don't think that Luffy can hold his own against Doflamingo yet. Maybe Zoro, but not Luffy. I think that team 2 takes this with mid-diff

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Something's wrong with your image.

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@Jinbeifan1: Either Don of Fuji solos, I wanna see how Luffy is gonna save Law and get himself out of this it dosent seem possible.
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The Warlord and Admiral win for now, but in the very near future it may change to the opposite. Without spoiling anything, the most recent chapter gave the impression that Zoro wasn't that far from Fuji combat wise.

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Exactly. At Marineford Luffy had the support of the Whitebeard Pirates, Jinbei, Ivankov, Buggy to some extent Crocodile and more. He has the Happou Navy and Dwarves behind him now, maybe Bartolomeo and a few other contestants, but that doesn't come close to the Whitebeard Pirates. It doesn't seem possible for Luffy and co. to triumph without serious aid. All that tying into how unlikely it would seem for Luffy and Zoro to triumph as of now. But putting up a fight I can see.
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I think I know what happened. You dragged a manga scan from those pirated sites. That's why it said "image from ___"

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I actually think you guys are doing luffy and zoro a serious injustice.

They have what it takes to fight fujitora and doflamingo.

Believe in their teachers. Luffy finished everything rayleigh had to teach him before his time limit was even close to being up. The same rayleigh who fought on par with kizaru and swam the calm belt without being fatigued or injured. And zoro learnt from the greatest swordsman in their world.

Now they have no feats to show for now but my goodness this battle is gonna be epic. We saw a serious luffy in a disadvantageous state one shot hordy. Give him the land advantage, precog( he can see what doffy is going to do), and a gear second that must be hella fast. It is going to be great.

If Big Mom does not fuk them all up.

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@taichokage: there are some attacks on luffy's arsenal that could put doflamingo down or do some goood damage. just think about Thor elephant gatling gun.

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