Link (Zelda) vs. The Dovahkiin (Skyrim)

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Is the Dragonborn allowed to summon? in believe a master of Conjuration you can summon 2 minions if i'm correct. With his Shouts the Dragonborn can call upon 2 dragons IIRC.

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@Butcher_Pete said:

@Yusuke52: Are you seriously bringing up breaking your character using console commands and god mode and using that as an arguement...? That's ridiculous.

Yet you seem to want to give Link things as a permanent boon with the Magic Armor, which isn't part of the actual story or lore and, as mentioned, requires Rupees for use. Link would need an infinite number of them, and since it'd be impossible for Link to actually hold that much, then he's limited to what he can personally carry (the same rules apply to the Dovahkiin, ie can't carry millions of lbs of items and walk around for claims of class 100+ strength). Let's try it this way. Say Link has  a Thousand Rupees with Magic Armor. Can stave off 1000 points of dmg. Dovahkiin can pump out around 100dmg per blow, +5dps if Link tries to go for melee with the Ebony Mail. It wouldn't be long at all before the Magic Armor goes kaput and Link becomes even more vulnerable than normal.
Also, Link can only deflect spells with the Mirror Shield. There's a chance he can bounce them back, but it's not definitive and Dovahkiin can just as easily evade it. Yet still Dovahkiin has spells that don't have to directly hit Link to cause harm. Shoot a Fireball at Link's feet and the explosion will hit him. Can't reflect something like that.
Anything Link can pull out, Dovahkiin can knock from his hands, and then beat his face in with armored fists.
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@Butcher_Pete: At what point in my entire post did I use console commands as a point to solidify an argument in the dragon borns favor without saying something to retract the point directly after? What strikes me as odd is that you only call me out on this despite the guy above my first post using this idea as his ONLY argument.

It was stated in the game that the user of the key is able to use it as such, It would be game breaking if they allowed the Dragon Born to do this so they kept it as an unbreakable lockpick. Mehrunes Razor bypasses magic resistance and armor as do most enchantments on weapons in Skyrim, even if blocked my sword still absorbs health from the target. Wabbajacks effect could be reflected in Oblivion but it does nothing to the holder. And to this day only one person (that I know of) in all the games has resisted its effects completely (Outside of essentials and certain story enemies), and its the same guy who can resist dragon shouts and is completely immune to fire, frost, and lightning spells. Orchendor is his name and he is considered one of the best characters to use Reanimate Thrall on due to his high level and broken abilities.

Someone who shows magical abilities far beyond anything seen in the elder scrolls series would be able to block its effects and/or redirect it back, but Link is not one of these people. I assume you are refering to the Mirror Shield in this regard. If im not mistaken lesser projectiles have bypassed it before let alone an enchantment from the Deadric Prince of Madness.

But lets say that Links armor does block the enchantment on Mehrunes Razor, each hit drains 10-13 rupees to my knowledge (Outside of the persistent drain it has), say he has 1000 on him. Elemental Fury enhanced Razor and another dagger will have him finished in around 30 seconds and dead soon after. With Slow Time active it means that he can navigate around to his back after each swing and make it harder for Link to recover from them.

Around 3-4 attacks per second. maybe more if timing is perfect. Now what some might say is that Elemental Fury does not work on enchanted weapons, but Mehrunes Razor is an exception to this rule.

A plethora of summons from Sovengard, the Soul Cairn and the Planes of Oblivion will make his life hell. Lots of high level magic, such as Paralysis, Guardian Circle, Lightning Storm etc. will make his life hell. Daedric Artifacts and enchanted weapons and armor will make his life hell. While link does have fancy spin attacks and such, the Dovahkiin is more than capable of blocking said attacks staggering Link and using Fus Ro Dah to send him flying into a wall where he will then Wuld Naa Kest to him and hit him with the Razor.

Assuming he has a large supply of rupees, all of these attacks hitting him will drain them within seconds and leave him open to a world of pain with a multitude of dragon shouts, destruction magic, overpowered weapons and artifacts, and a small army from the jaws of oblivion.

Dovahkiin just has too much diversity in his arsenel for Link to combat everything effectively for any length of time.

@ReiKai: Nice video, I never used unarmed combat outside of brawls and/or Vampire Lord or Werewolf transformation. I had been told they were added but its nice to see them. I have a strict set of mods that I use that work well with one another, makes the game harder overall and early on but alot more rewarding in the end. Some nice mods on the steam workshop too, I like to browse them now and again haha.

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@Yusuke52: you just forgot the fact that when link plays his ocarine time stops and that alone grants him the win.

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@othus12: You forgot that when the Dovahkiin opens any menu time stops... obviously when Link uses his Ocarina in this instance time will not stop. Think of a better argument and get back to me.

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The Ocarina is, essentially, useless. Link never really had the control with it that Zelda had. Another thing is Link doesn't have the complete Tri-Force. May acquire it in game, but it's always used as Plot-Device to defeat boss and then it scatters again (like the Dragonballs). The Main canon does have Link in possession of one piece of it at all times, the Tri-Force of Courage. Ganondorf had the Tri-Force of Power and Zelda had the 3rd piece.
He may think I'm tryin to downplay Link, but I'm not. He never keeps the Tri-Force. And Link always seems to lose most of his stuff at the beginning of each game. With Skyrim, even if you complete the main storyline, you can still keep going, and you keep everything.
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The Ocarina is not really useless. Link could just rewind time every time he screws up like in MM.

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He needs time to use the Ocarina and since Time doesn't stop the second he reaches to pull it out, he'll never have a chance to use it. Link would have to put away sword and shield and pull out the ocarina to play it with both hands. That leaves him defenseless. Dovahkiin could hit him with Paralysys or Ice Form, neither of which causes Damage, so Magic Armor wouldn't stop it. Then walk up, grab the Ocarina, and punch Link in the face.
Also...I just found this looking for's a riot.
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