Link (Zelda) vs. The Dovahkiin (Skyrim)

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Twilight Princess Link would win. His sword skills are too much for the Dovahkiin to handle, with techniques like the Back Spin and Helm Splitter he'll annihilate the Dovahkiin in close quarters. He also has the ability to reflect magic projectiles back at the caster, can spam bomb arrows which would do some damage, and has Magic Armor that grants him complete invulnerability as long as he has rupees to spare.

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On Melee I wouldn't think so. He doesn't need specifically named moves to match Link or best him in combat. Magic arrows and such don't amount to much next to the Spellbreaker shield or his Ward spells. And if Dovahkiin is wearing the Ebony Mail, then if Link gets close for Melee he gets poisoned by the armors aura and continues to hurt the longer he remains in proximity. So it gets pretty bad for Link.
Link can stop or counter Direct spells like Firebolt, Ice Spear and Thunderbolt. But spells that affect a spherical area around the Dovahkiin can't be blocked or reflected back at him. So Link would have to rely on whatever armor he's wearing to diminish the spells effects. As for Link's "Time Travel", I think that was only "Ocarina of Time", but I can't be certain. Anyway, using the Ocarina is a double-edged sword. It doesn't stop time when played. 
Gamewise, Link could use it to change the time of day (ie move it forward). In the Manga, Zelda used it to return Link to the past. However, it didn't just return him  back to when he was frozen through time and aged to maturity in the Temple of Time, it returned him to his childhood form. Meaning it's not really time travel so much as reversing or forwarding the currents of time. Link is also affected by this and while he retains his memory, if he sought to use the Ocarina to reverse time to a point when the Dovahkiin was young, then Link would revert in age as well. So it doesn't really help any.
And this is hilarious.
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(Even though i love legend of zelda)This is not even a fair fight. While link wears a smelly green tunic, the dragon born wears deadric armor-armor used by sanguine himself.And Once you reach level 71 u can do ANYTHING in skyrim. link is a blond haired blue eyed elvish pig compared to the dragon born.

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@ReiKai: It's not the name of the move, it's how they are performed. Ebony Mail isn't nearly effective enough to keep Link from dominating a melee fight and not only that, Link still has the Magic Armor which makes him invulnerable. There are spells that Link wont be able to reflect, but he can simply evade them, or he has weapons to keep the Dovahkiin at bay whilst his spells are up, such as the massive ass ball and chain, or by spamming bomb arrows, which would not be affected by the ward at all.

I'm not mix and matching Link's items from separate games because that seems a bit cheap to me, but Link also had the harp of ages which allowed time travel.

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Dragonborn wins werewolf and vampire forms, shouts that can summon Legendary dragon, slow down and tons more plus all his standard spells like fire, ice , healing and lightning he can use necromancy to revive dead people to fight for him. That is a quater of what he can do

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It's not the name of the move, it's how they are performed.

That really doesn't mean anything. One just has Link spinning in a circle to make a horizontal slash. The other is an overhead strike to the forehead. Both are easily blockable and neither one can be said as "possessing greater skill" for doing it. Dovahkiin does stuff like that all the time, without a fancy name.

Ebony Mail isn't nearly effective enough to keep Link from dominating a melee fight and not only that, Link still has the Magic Armor which makes him invulnerable.

If Link is pained just being near the Dovahkiin, then he would clearly not be dominating the battle. And as was said, that armor requires Rupees to keep it up. So as soon as it runs out his invulnerability is gone. The same doesn't apply to the Dovahkiin. As I said before, he has a Shout that makes him intangible, so none of Link's attacks or weapons or anything will hit him. I only ever referenced the Ebony Mail because it's effect is constant and doesn't rely on Charges or Soul Gems to keep it going. It's indefinite.

There are spells that Link wont be able to reflect, but he can simply evade them, or he has weapons to keep the Dovahkiin at bay whilst his spells are up, such as the massive ass ball and chain, or by spamming bomb arrows, which would not be affected by the ward at all.

"Evading" spells would require Link to move out of their range of effect. Not so easy a thing to do. Especially if Link is trying to close in during the fight. Also there is no way for Link to get out of range of the Stormcall shout which creates a huge thunderstorm that streams down lighting on all targets in the area for a while. Nvm that if Link tries to notch an arrow, Dovahkiin can use his Disarm shout and Link is forced to drop his bow. Would he try to pick it back up when the Dovahkiin is shooting Fireballs at him or summoning Daedric Knights around Link?

I'm not mix and matching Link's items from separate games because that seems a bit cheap to me, but Link also had the harp of ages which allowed time travel.

Doesn't really help. Dovahkiin's origin is still a mystery and he has Azura (Daedric Lord/God) watching over the threads of his fate.
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link might as well become an imp like midna if his opponent is the dragonborn

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@Asrieltor: why dont you asume he is wearing the magic armor which grant him invincibility?

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You can. But without Rupees, it's just regular armor. Link is only invincible so long as he can keep feeding the armor Rupees. Dovahkiin's invulnerability powers don't require the consumption of Coin or Gems.
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@ReiKai: Without rupees it's worse than regular armor actually, as it impedes his movement. Whereas the Dovahkiin's abilities that grant him invulnerability dont have that downside, they dont have great duration and have a cool down after use. Also, with the amount of rupees Link can carry, it generally takes a while to run out.

I'll admit that at range the Dovahkiin can be trouble with his spells, especially with the frost spells because they have a slow effect which is helpful. But honestly, I remember the spells being fairly slow and easy to avoid in that game... though it has been a while.

Again, in close quarters, Link is vastly superior. Neither of those attacks mentioned are easily blocked and one actually staggers the opponent even if blocked I believe. Link's far faster, more agile, and is has techniques the likes of which the Dovahkiin has never seen before. I definitely dont recall the Dovahkiin displaying anything close to the skills Link has to offer.

So for the Dovahkiin to win, his best bet is a good combination of spells and shouts. He's not winning in a close quarters battle or with a bow.

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Different ranges of spells. Most of the Adept and Expert Spells only take about a second to charge before casting. Novice spells like Sparks and Flames are insta-cast and create a continuous stream. Novice spells are fairly weak, but cost little and are spamable. There are some Expert level spells that're also insta-cast and create an ongoing effect, like Wall of Flames, Wall of Frost and Wall of Lightning. With these the ground can be strafed and create a continual effect of the spell which dmgs (burns, freezes, shocks) anything nearby.
As for the "Shout Cooldown". That's really a game mechanic I'd say, given all he's doing is channeling his inner energy through his voice. In essence, all he really needs to do is speak the words for each shout. AS for Link's attacks, the problem is enemies don't really "Block" in Zelda games. However, they do evade, and the first time Link tried his sword spin in the Manga, he completely missed, and then later tried it on an enemy that it couldn't hit anyway. Sure, he got better at using his moves afterwords, but they're not unbeatable and really depends on the situation. 
And btw, Dovahkiin can stun with his blows as well and he can even interrupt attacks by bashing with his shield. Also, as said before, he has a Shout that makes his attacks faster. Another thing is he can turn himself Invisible as well with magic. Combine that with his ability (or spell) to muffle his movement so he makes no noise when moving, and he becomes completely undetectable to Link. Dovahkiin could really pull a "Tenchu Stealth Assassin" kill right on Link. And it wouldn't be strange either. Part of the game story also allows for joining the Dark Brotherhood, which is the Assassins Guild. Dovahkiin becomes one of its most skilled assets.
Dovahkiin was already skilled. And I loved the fact we had kill moves.
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@ReiKai: chateu milk + magic armor of WW or nayrus love from OOT= permanent inmortality also he can see the invisible and through fakes with the lens of truth. there is no way he can get unspotted by link. also he has dins fire which burns the whole area, anyways if he finds himself losing he would just use the ocarina and since time stops when he uses it there is no actual way to defeat him, link is a super hax character in order to beat link the other character would have to be on a completely different level, BTW link can also slow down time and even advance it. link could also use the stone mask and render himself invisible to the enemy ,link can also double his damage with fairys tears or the elixir soup, link can also use shield bash to stun his enemies. we are talking about a lightning timer,20 tonner,expert warrior, that can transform himself into a demi-god which defeated in one blow a guy that summoned a meteorite (the moon) that would have destroyed termina and has beaten a low-reality warper such as zant whcih can also teleport btw. and this link is anything near the MM link

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Dovahkiin wins this with the use of TGM....if you know what i mean :)

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The Dragon Born wins and while Link is strong, given the events that transpired in Dawnguard he could easily open an elder scroll and burn Links eyes out then proceed to beat him into the ground swinging his sword that absorbs health on hit and deals fire damage. He can turn into a swarm of bats, use TK on people and drain their lifeforce while doing it, and a few other powers to boot but I dont want to get into Dawnguard for some people who have yet to play it.

His strength is impossible to define as I can easily put him in excess of 100 tons with the use of a command (I believe the numbers would still show at that weight, I would need to test it). Screenshots from my game below, Also this is on a seperate save and im using the SkyUI. No other mods in my modlist directly affects carry weight (Outside of certain objects such as Dragon Bones) and this is without any points in stamina at all.

Now just so you can find it, the carry weight is the second number from the left of my health bar. It has been affected by adding in Deadric Armor. As you can see in the second image I added 10 million pieces of it and that brought me up to 22-23 thousand metric tons I believe (Might need to check the math on that one as I am still groggy from lack of sleep but it should be right), and in the final 2 pictures I show that he can still move distances while carrying that weight. He does move slower but all the same he can still move.

His strength inside combat is strange as he rarely uses his fists, coupled with the fact that the damage is directly affectd by what heavy armor you wear (With a perk in the tree). This is just to show that the Dragon Born is able to lift weight in this region and still move about at decent speed

If you want I can easily add a few million more just to show you that this can keep going up.

Edit: Sorry I misread the number on the weight counter, its not 50 million is 500 million. Which I believe puts him around 226 thousand metric tons instead of 22 thousand.

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@Yusuke52: you may be able to enhance the player as much as you want,but if we are gonna use these kind of things, link just have to use the triforce and wish that the dragon born would have never existed. even in hax terms link owns again.(replace demise for dovahklin on this vid.) watch until 4:35 so that you can get my point.

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@othus12: That is not an enhancement, that is simply me adding items into his inventory. If I wanted to enhance him I could give him health in the trillions along with everything else. You brought up Links strength so I brought up the Dovahkiins.

The Dragon Born would not give Link the chance to make a wish with a multitude of Dragon Shouts and crossbow bolts hitting his face.

If we are using hax terms then I can also say that the Dragon Born uses the Skeleton Key to unlock meta-physical barriers and increase his power 1000 fold, or he can use "Kill" and end the fight right there (But the use of the command console would turn him into a reality warper). Mehrunes Razor is able to instantly kill anything it cuts, this is changed in game to a percentage chance. Wabbajack can change Link into a bunny rabbit or a pile of coins, while it can change him into a stronger Daedra he can simply hit him with it again and keep changing the outcome.

Rii Vaaz Zol - Soul Tear. I have yet on master difficulty to find a humanoid enemy who can resist its effect of the soul being ripped out and stored in my Black Star and then his corpse being brought back as my thrall.

Multiple shouts to summon dragons to the battlefield (Dawnguard allows access to another dragon). Along with the Call of Valor and Animal Allegiance and his summons he can have a small army attacking Link diverting the attention from him to the dragons in the sky and the undead on the ground.

Then you have Disarm which once again on master few enemies can resist, if they do then once or twice more will always work.

2 short range teleportation abilities (Dawnguard Vampire Lord has a second one aside from Wuld Nah Kest)

It has been pointed out already he has a shout to make him intangible, he can also do this in Dawnguard as a Vampire Lord, such as turning into mist which means he is immune to all damage and regenerates health, stamina and magicka during this time.

I say this will still be a hard fight for the Dovahkiin, but he will win in the end due to the sheer diversity in his skillset: overpowered daedric artifacts, summons, teleportation abilities, healing magic, debuff magic, poisons, potions, destruction magic, summoning magic, Crossbow/Longbow skill, simple time manipulation (Link has to take out and play his ocarina, Dovahkiin has to shout 3 words), magical barriers, and hightened reactions (Slowing down his perception of time while using a bow etc).

While he is not as broken as the Nerevarine (Stats amped into the billions if not trillions or higher), he is alot more powerful than you give him credit for. I understand how powerful Link is, but the dragon borns diversity is going to give him the win.

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@Yusuke52: actually there is a pretty easy way, he can teleport far away with the song of soaring and while he is at it wish for dovahklin to be erased from existence, and btw link can revive, he just needs to be equiped with fairies and since we have can get all bottles from all zelda link has access to like 30 fairies. or even better travel through time, then wish for dovahklin to have never existed and at that time dovahklin wouldnt have even realized he would be fighting link in the next few days. just admit it the dragonbiorn may be more powerful, but link has way more hax, which makes him the winner

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@othus12: Where will he find the time to play a song given that the Dovahkiin can one shot him from the get go? Is this before or after he has been turned into a bunny with Wabbajack, or as he starts to take out his ocarina is suddenly insta-killed with Mehrunes Razor?

He will have no time at all to play his ocarina, this battle will test his skills in combat not his musical ability. And due to everything I have pointed out in the Dovahkiins favor he wont last very long in a toe to toe confrontation, he will put up a good fight but in the end he will die

Also if im not mistaken he can only teleport to those owl statues, without them to teleport to he might as well play "Call me Maybe" and start praying to the Nine Divines that the Dovahkiin finds it pleasing.

Great so he is revived 30 times only to be killed 30 times by another hit from Mehrunes Razor. Or the Dovahkiin could just soul trap him and keep him inside the Black Star meaning he cant be revived anyway.

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Dovahkiin has the guiding protection of Azura, who watches over the threads of his fate (Think the Goddesses of Fate, only better). Nvm that the moment Link tries to whip out an instrument, Dovahkiin has half a dozen abilities he can use to stop Link in his tracks. Slow Time, Ice Form, Mass Paralysis, Disarm, or just a good'ol Fus Ro Dah to knock him around.
Dovahkiin is not without his arsenal as well. Gauldur Amulet, GM only gives boon to stats, Lore has it as an immensely powerful artifact that augmented the powers of the ArchMage who wore it and even the fragments gave his sons power enough to take on armies. Then there is the Jagged Crown, created from the fangs and bones of dragons, was said to amplify the power of the wearers Voice. The Staff of Magnus, said to be the only object capable of containing his great powers, and the only thing capable of suppressing the power of the Eye of Magnus, which could change the face of the world itself. Even after sealing it, the remnants of the power used by Ancano continued to adversely affect the world and created rifts in dimensions.
Mehrun's Razor, a Daedric artifact that, as explained, was basically an insta-kill weapon, and was created by Mehruns Daigon, the Daedric Lord of Destruction, the one who brought about the Oblivion Crisis.
There's tons of things Dovahkiin has. Not only does he possess artifacts forged by Deities and Daedric Lords (gods in their own right), but he has a host of powers and magic on his own
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@Yusuke52: Are you seriously bringing up breaking your character using console commands and god mode and using that as an arguement...? That's ridiculous.

I dont remember the Dovahkiin doing any such thing with the skeleton key... Mehrune's Razor might be a point worth mentioning, but the Magic Armor would still protect him from that, and Link still has the edge in close combat fighting in my opinion. Also, Link can deflect magic attacks such as the wabbajack back at the caster, so the Dovahkiin might be making a bad call with that one.

I haven't played Dawnguard, so I cant comment on that stuff, but it seems like it would be pretty effective in this battle.

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