Link (Zelda) vs. The Dovahkiin (Skyrim)

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Before you even say anything, there's a number of Zelda manga out there. So it counts. =P
I wanna see how this'd go. Link's been around a long time. Got his hands on some tasty artifacts and magicy stuff. Then again, the 'new guy' in town, the Dovahkiin (Dragonborn) is fairly recent, and still manages a stockpile of satanic...*ahem*, I mean, Daedric artifacts and loads of goodies. I guess the question is, is these two battled it out, would the world survive?
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It depends, if we use Majora's Mask Link then this is spite. If we are saying Ocarina of Time Link, then it would be somewhat closer. But I give my vote to Link. Not only is Link's arsenal greater than that of the Dragonborn, but his magic is more devastating than the unrelenting force.

Link also has far more experience fight many different types of foe, often far greater than the dragons that the Dovahkiin is so famous for. The Dragon simply is not prepared to face someone like Link who brings in Greater equipment, weapons, experience, magic, and indeed skill.

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I get the feeling ya haven't played Skyrim. Don't worry, I still haven't even beaten it, but all the stuff I'm findin out could make even Majora's Mask worried. There's tons of things to go through and, essentially, not only are you the Dragonborn, but you can also become the ArchMage of Winterhold College. And you can learn a fair bit of nifty and powerful spells. Build up your Skill Trees in each School of magic and you get some ludicrous power output. To which we get a number of joke vids concerning how some look.
  And then there are the Shouts. One of which makes you intangible and you cannot be harmed (nor hurt anyone for that matter). Another can slow time. The Thu'ums, or Shouts as they are called, are basically the "Power Word" like from ye olde D&D. Or the Power of Command.
As far as experience goes in fighting, well...Skyrim is host to a horde of monsters, dragons, trolls, giants, demons, elementals and all manner of ill-creature dedicated to eating your flesh, including Vampires and Werewolves. Plus there's undead and a number of them can use Shouts as well. Was a bit surprised when a boss in a dungeon "FUS RO DAH!!"d me and I thought I was dead when I got blown across the room.
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IIRC Shouts/Magic in the Lore ar powerfull enough to take down huge fortresses and what not. If the Dragonborn is allowed the best of the best equipment Magic/Shouts/Blessings and what not i give it to the Dovakiin. How strong was the strongest Link? can he Time Stop and or do some other crazy shit.

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Early part of the main quest storyline says that most of the Graybeards' Voices are so powerful they cannot speak to others, because they can kill normal people with a single word. There's only one that actually speaks to you. After you get this horn and gain the last parts for Unrelenting Force from them (aka Fus Ro Dah), then the Graybeards test you to see if you really are the Dovahkiin, by gathering around you...and chanting in the dragon's tongue, aka the Voice. In other words, you get bombarded with the combined might of the Graybeards, and survive.
That would show quite a bit of toughness or at least his innate resistance against the Voice's power.
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Link has a good chance of winning this, with the mirror shield and master sword alone he can render most of Dovahkiin's shouts and magic useless, and even send them right back at him. Link has also shown greater strength, agility, and skill so if they crossed swords Dovahkiin would be overwhelmed. The only way I see Dovahkiin winning is if he distance himself and use his indirect magic and shouts such as stormcall, and summons otherwise Link wins it if he can close the gap.

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Dovahkiin has the Spellbreaker shield, which auto-projects a ward against incoming magical attacks and even stops Dragon Breath attack. Dovahkiin also has a Shout that increase his one-handed attack speed (or in otherwords, he becomes faster and more agile). As well as Whirlwind Sprint which can allow him to speed-dash and hammer Link. Also there's a few AoE spells he has as well.
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Not too familiar with Links abilities but I've completed Elder Scrolls so I can list most of Dovahkiins.

1) Dovahkiin has so many shouts that give him an almost unfair advantage. Possibly his most powerful shout is Storm Call Lv 3 which lets him rain down lightening which is powerful enough to kill even low level dragons in 1 or 2 hits. As well as that he can summon various other powerful allies, without going into spoilers, lets just say that they would definitely give him a massive edge. He can also use a disarm shout to instantly disarm his opponent and another really powerful shout that lets him slow down time.

2) Dovahkiin can turn into a Werewolf or a Vampire. As a Werewolf he can move around a lot faster and is powerful enough to tear people in half and as a Vampire he gains more strength and speed too.

3) Dovahkiin has access to some ridiculously powerful weapons that let him use a whole variety of attacks. He can use staffs to summon Daedric Warriors and reanimate the dead. He can use swords that are imbued with the power of fire or darkness or soul suck. He can also get various armours that reflect certain amounts of damage back to the opponent. In Oblivion I remember my guy had 100% Reflect on his armour which made him nearly invincible.

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@ohgodwhy: He's like Dr.Strange :) IIRC he can stop/slow time as well. He has way to many Spells/Shouts that he can use against Link and if the Magic/Shouts are from the Lore then he becomes even more deadly since Magic/Shouts are far more powerfull than there game counterpart.

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I dunno if his are as powerful as are known in the Lore. We'd have to wait for a Novel to be written first to know that much. Also, far as I know, he doesn't Stop Time, just slows it down.
And btw, this vid is beautiful.
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@ReiKai: Shouts where used prior to Skyrim like Tiber Septim and IIRC Shouts where powerfull enough to take down fortressess and Magicians where powerfull enough to manipulate the weather and such. i'm not saying the Dovakiin is as powerfull as lets say The Summerset Isle Psijic Order in the magic department but each Dragonborn in the ES Universe where powerfull from the Dovakiin from Skyrim to Tiber Septim. And i believe you're right i think he slows down time rather than stop it. When i have the time i will research some more about Shouts/Magic from the Lore and post it here. You can also visit for example the Skyrim Nexus Forums and gather some info yourself its quite interesting.

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I am just saying that while Dovahkiin of the Past, like Tiber Septim, aka Talos of Atmora (who became a Divine) were exceptionally powerful, there is as of yet little evidence to suggest that the current Dovahkiin of Skyrim has the same destructive force as his predecessor. And while the Dovahkiin can manipulate the weather with his Shouts, I just don't want to try and give him the same feats as Tiber Septim once claimed. Not until, as I said, we have a Novel or conclusive lore pertaining to Skyrim's Dovahkiin.
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@ReiKai: You're right. If we use the gameplay then my vote goes to the Dragonborn. With the right equipment like Armor/Weapons/Magic (Alteration),Blessings/Stones (Atronach) he can block/absorb nearly any Magic Link trows at him. With his Shouts he can enhance his speed or slow down time to make him even more effective in the combat department. At a distance he can cast a multitude of Spells/Shouts like Firebolt/Electric/Ice spells. he can paralyze or set traps or use enchated Arrows and bombard Link from afar. He can manipulate Link true the Illusion skill tree etc. I will be honest and say i'm not to familiair with Link so i go with the Dragonborn for now.

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ok so you guys can know i will post some of links most powerful attacks and equipment and since i dont know anything about the dragonborn you judge

-first we have the master sword, the blade of evils bane one of the strongest swords in hyrule and other realms, its absolutely unbreakable.

-next we have the mirror shield which can deflect magic,light and can absorb fire and ice based magic.

-we have his bow which is enchanted with fire,ice and light (light arrows disintegrated any enemy on wind waker except for those who had the protection of the triforce)

-link has a strenght of about 10-20 tons with the golden gauntlets

-next we have the masks, depending on the mask he can turn into a different creature,( gorons which have an strenght of about 10 tons, zoras which can swin faster than fish, can create energy fields and have great H2H skills, deku which can shoot bubbles made of magic,dig underground and hover for a limited amount of time, giants about 10 stories high and easily 20 tonner in strenght, and at last but not least a deity(in the manga a god) (which allows him to spam energy based attacks and defeated a being that could have destroyed entire civilizations)

-with chateau romani milk combined with nayrus love he becomes invulnerable to any attack and will not lose any health so its a hax combination.

-with different clothes he can endure high heat temperatures and even breathe underwater.

-he can travel through time

-can create rain

-can run twice as fast with the bunny hood (faster than any human)

-he can teleport (which is very limited but he can)

-he can hover for a few seconds with the hover boots.

-he has the triforce of courage (this gives him some protection against magical attacks)

-he has great skill with a huge variety of weapons (swords,bow,hammers,slingshots,boomerangs,bombs,bombochu (moving bombs),hookshot,deku nuts etc.)

-he can use the great fairy sword which is so far the most powerful of all zelda swords it is merged with the great fairys tears so it has some magic power also

that would be pretty much it. im not calling link the winner since i dont know anything about the dragonbron but what i know is that link will be a bitch to kill.

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Those are some interesting feats you posted. This match might be closer than i thought.

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I read a fair bit of the Zelda Manga. And from that Link did turn into a very skilled swordsman. And I'd actually use the Manga a lot more than the Games, simply because the Manga cuts out that pesky Mechanics element which is the bane of any debate involving VG characters.
As for invulnerability pieces, well with the right combination of Enchants and gear, you can pretty much null all dmg and become invulnerable (or just use godmode on PC). That or the shout "Become Ethereal" which makes you intangible and incapable of being harmed.
Of magical things, there is the Staff of Magnus, which dispelled magic and was used to drain the power of the Eye of Magnus, which supposedly had the power to reshape the world (you could say it's similar to Majora's Mask).
Along with spells, there are things Link can't block with the Mirror Shield. Like the Trap Runes. They detonate when stepped on and the Dovahkiin can place a number of them on the ground, which can limit where Link can move to. As well as some AoE spells that affect a circular area rather than a single target. Some of them are useful like Mass Paralysis which could temporarily stun Link for a few seconds. And there are other things, like the Elemental Cloak spells, such as Flame Cloak which creates a wreath of flames around the Dovahkiin, burning anyone that gets near him. So if Link tried to get in close for melee, he'd get burned (or electrocuted or frozen, depends on the Cloak).
There are also other ground based spells, like Wall of Flames, which creates continuous streams of fire to erupt from any surface they are cast upon. It doesn't last all that long, but he can essentially trap Link in an area of fire. So Link would either need to run through it or find a way around the flames.
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@ReiKai: I think Magic on both sides would be the least effective since both Link and the Dovahkiin with the right equipment are practicly imune to Magic. The Dovakhiin for example: Master Alteration gives you some Magic Resistance+Spell Absorbsion, the shield called Spellbreaker and the Atronach Birthstone makes the Dovah immune to Magic. I think it comes down to combat. i think Link would be the better swordsman and the stronger one with his gauntlets, but Dovah can even this out with time shouts and speed shouts. Question to the OP, is this the canon Davah (Nord) or can we use any Race because....Orc+Beserker Rage= :)

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Well I don't think it's actually canon that the Dovahkiin is a nord. Just what they showed in the trailers. And one thing I take to heart that the Greybeards tell you is that "You may be just the first of many to awaken" or something along those lines. Which would suggest that there are possibly other Dovahkiin in the world that have yet to awaken their gifts. It's not definitive that the Dovahkiin is a Nord, just suggestive. Frankly, I don't like playing a Human in a Fantasy game. You play Fantasy games to be something other than what you are; a human being.
As for Strength, well how strong does one need to be to face down a dragon with nothing but sword and shield? Pretty much all you had at the beginning of the game (and a bow). Plus there are enchants that increase weapon damage (ie Striking Power) and increasing Carrying Capacity (ie Strength for lifting). As far as sword skills, well, I would say maybe even. Most of the villains Link went against are mostly corny, but he is considered one of the more skilled Hyrulean Knights. The Dovahkiin has fought with and killed everything from bandits to trained soldiers, thieves, assassins of the Dark Brotherhood, bloodthirsty cultists and even daedra. Nvm the ancient undead Nords Drauger you find in the ruins, a number of which can use the Voice as well.
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Dohvahkin can Shout and slow down time..... he would destroy Link.

And plus in Enchantments you can get 85% magic resist.

Dragonborn wins

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@XImpossibruX: link can travel through time and when he is playing his ocarina time stops. so that would make it a stalemate regarding time manipulation

there are combinations that make link invulnerable (chateau romani + nayrus love= inmortality)

judging by your logic link wins.

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