Lex Luthor Vs Strawhats, Kuma, Marco & Aokiji

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Battle In Metropolis

Lex Luthor Gets 2 Week Prep & Knows That The OP Characters Have Superhuman Capabilities

One Piece Characters Have No Knowledge Apart From He Is Dangerous

Post Time Skip SH

Moral On & Both Sides Want 2 Win

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Lex Luthor win this with his Superman Suit

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@Destinyheroknight: Hmm I don't know. It only says Lex knows that they have superhuman capabilities, he might not know that 2 of the OP fighters are logia types. Therefore we could have a kind of stalemate on our hands because I doubt they could take on Lex in his Superman Suit although the OP fighters might win in a war of attrition.

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It's a stalemate. Luthor will take the strawhats, Kuma and Marco out easily him his superman suit, but he obviously doesn't have haki so he can't actually hurt Aokiji.
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Marco's kind of logia type, when he's in his phoenix mode, as well so he probably wouldn't be able to take him out either.

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Kuma can beat Luthor

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kume just has to touch him to win. quite easy.

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It depends. If it's just Luthor, then almost anyone from team one piece could take him out individually but if he can use any equipment then he would easily defeat them all.
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@taichokage said:

If it's just Luthor,

I highly doupt the OP would put an average human in this fight, that's what the prep is for, DUH!

@othus12: Lex gives superman trouble, I doupt any of them have anything to do here.

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Superman holds back a lot. 
Luthor does not specially know their abilities, he just knows they are superhuman. 
Anyway Luffy wins via King's Haki :-D
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