Lelouch Lamperouge vs. Shiji Ikari

Topic started by DragonBallZFan on Sept. 23, 2010. Last post by hitsusatsu11 4 years, 6 months ago.
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@DragonBallZFan: Remember how Joker's immune to Scarecrow's gas? Because Shinji has been though crazy mind torture's he will be immune to geass. 
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 i dont know anything about shinji but if thats your argument, comparing geass to mind torture than thats pathetic. they are 2 completely different things. and since i know nothing of this tortured kid im going with lelouch
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@Sinister_Noob: Geass was resisted by Princess Euphemia for a while, shinji has been through the worst mindfukcs in fiction. I think he will make due. Also Geass is not some almighty control mechanism, remember Jeremiah had a "geass blocker" that was able to nullify lelouch's control, so in no way is it absolute. And if this is end series shinji then he is literally part of an all souls encompassing  supreme being. 
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