Law vs Magellan

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Law finds out Bepo is in Imepl Down and goes to rescue him, Magellan attempts to intercept him in much the same fashion as he did luffy

Both IC, no knowledge

Scenario 1. Pre Skip Law

Scenario 2. Current Law

Setting: Impel down level 4

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pre time skip dies

current law should win but not easily.

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Law's ability counters Magellan's quite well IMO, but Magellan is more impressive overall

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We haven't seen what a current Magellan can do, as he has seemed to change the last time we saw him appear(which as One Piece goes, if you change how you look it means you've progressed lol). However, Impel Down Arc Magellan was still able to take on a second-gear Luffy and should have won if that wax guy wasn't there lol, so he certainly has the stats to compete. I give it to Magellan 6/10.

However, I do love Magellan...

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Should go to Law fairly soundly in round 2. But round 1 he loses. Magellan had the influence where 2 Shichibukai, Luffy and other non fodder characters were not willing to face him together, however that was because said characters were generally devoid of hax. If those 2 Warlords had been say Kuma and Dodlamingo, the outcome wouldve been very different and I'd go so far as to say that either of them could beat him alone. Law is similar. He's massively hax and Magellan has no counter for it. All the strength and poison in the world wouldn't help much.
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