LAW vs Ichigo

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pretimeskip law vs hueco mundo arc ichigo


post timeskip law vs dangai ichigo.

fight at a random arena.

they are in character

win by ko or death

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magically created double post

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Round 1: Law wins against bankai/vizard ichigo but loses to H2 ichigo.

Round 2: Dangai Ichigo rapes. He's far above anyone else in one piece, can possibly solo the verse

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Round 1: Law Round 2: Ichigo should blitz.
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@supernova7005: not really, his attack was mountain to island level but he can only use it once. as shown by Z, the higher tiers are all most likely in the island+ durability range. He tries to fight the whole verse then he gets stomped, dont wank for ichigo. Law legitimately cut the island in half so his slash could potentially match ichigos. it doesnt need to cause more destruction, but it does give him the oppurtunity to control him in the room. but if he does land the final GT then law loses of course

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@Jinbeifan1: I agree. Due to Law's ability, Ichigo might lose the second round. Law's room ability isn't something you can smack away like kurohitsugi. Ichigo gets chopped into pieces in there because law wont come out of it's range, and knowing Ichigo, he's just gonna rush in.

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Round 1. Ichigo, due to H2 and the fact that Law didn't really have feats pre skip

Round 2. Can go either way, Ichigo can obviously beat Law physically but if Law uses his ability fast and strategically then there won't be much Ichigo can do about it

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