Lancer (Cú Chulainn) VS Twilight-verse

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Under orders from his master Lancer is to systematically eradicate every "vampire" in Twilight. There will be two scenarios.

1. speed equalized, unlimited prana

2. speed is not equalized, but Lancer is restricted to a limited amount of prana

Can he do it, and how long does it take?

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@FalconC2: verse vs one fights are banned =/

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@SMXLR8: You really aren't allowed to speak about that.

Lancer solos due to speedblitz. I don't recall any of the werewolves or vampires moving at mach 12-13 considering he matched Saber in melee combat.

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How does he fare with speed equalized?

I'm thinking Lancer can make use of his astral form to get the drop on many of them.

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