Lancelot Albion vs Jehuty (Zone of the Enders)

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Lancelot has the Fleja or whatever it was called canon and all the weapons and upgrades at the end of Code Geass S2

Jehuty has all weapons and upgrades at the end of Zone of the Enders 2

Fight takes place in the Narutoverse

Please don't be a pleb and tell me you haven't played ZOE 1 or 2 one of the best mech games to ever be conceived

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Unfortunately I don't remember a lot about Lancelot Albion near the end of the series but I feel pretty confident that as powerful as it was, it wouldn't be able to beat Jehuty with its Zero System and it's "Fin Funnel" like attacks it achieved near end game.

Jehuty Version 2 should be able to just teleport behind Lancelot Albion with ease, then take it out. It'd probably be like when Anubis fought Jehuty at the end of ZOE 1.

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@ohgodwhy: actually Suzuki's geass would tellhim to dodge

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@SekiryuuteiDxD: I'm pretty sure his Geass only tells him to live. He can't dodge something if Jehuty's already behind him and he can't physically react to him. If you're referring Suzaku's battle against Bismarck then he won that because Bismarck couldn't predict his movements due to the Geass making it impossible to do so IIRC.

Also in-game Zero Shift temporarily locks the opponent in place, making evasion even more difficult.

Zero Shift is just one way in which he could win, likely the most easiest. Jehuty also has homing lasers, which it can fire en mass.

Not saying it wouldn't be a good fight but only up until Dingo has had enough and starts Zero Shifting around however he pleases.

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His geass simply increases his performance in order to survive. The best geass will do for this fight is to make him go all out or eject when he feels his life is in danger.

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