Ladd vs Revy vs Sousuke vs Alphard

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No prep


Each combatant has an AK-47, a shotgun, a handgun, 3 frag grenades, and a Swiss army knife

Battle is in an abandoned factory


4 way CQC fight, no weapons

Battle is in a dojo

Fight to K.O. or death

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I'm just voting on Revy here.

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Sousuke wins in terms of coolness

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@eddz99: Unlikely.

As for the thread, hard to say.

I'd say that Alphard and Revy are out for being mostly peak human. Some feats for Sousuke?

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@ReliusClover: Sousuke is a sergeant level soldier that has a robot :3

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Sousuke's a competent soldier, I think probably near peak human levels but not quite at Revy's level. Sousuke's main talent is piloting arm slaves, there's no one better at doing so than him. Mao also observed this.

I can't say I'm too familiar with the other two, but in a fight Revy should be able to take out Sousuke seeing as she could take on a guy who could cut bullets in half.

So for round 1 I'd say Revy

and for round 2, I'd say maybe Revy again.

But like I said, not too familiar with the other 2.

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(Think everyone knows i'm ReliusClover, right?)

Ok then how i see it:

Round 1:

1. Ladd he has shown some nice skills with his shotgun and has by far the best stats with being a bullet timer and taking a hit by Graham's wrench which could make big ass crates in solid concrete.

2. Revy, is the most peak human one of the rest and is god-like with her guns. Has already fought a bullet timer.

3. Alphard, even if she is just peak human she actually matched Cannan who can react to and dodge machinegun fire, and she done that with skill alone.

4. Sousuke I'm going with ohgodywhy on this one, because if Revy beats him Alphard shouldn't have too much trouble either.

Round 2:

1. Ladd again his superior stats and this time boxing skills give him the edge.

2. Alphard, she is quiet skilled when it comes to hand to hand combat and such.

3. Sousuke honestly don't know, but assuming this guy has some decent stats and h2h knowledge he should make it.

4. Revy, she could actually beat Sousuke going by her feats when she fought Roberta to a standstill, but i would need more info on him to know which of them actually wins.

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Round one

1. Ladd because going by his feats he is far more superhuman then the rest.

2. Sousuke

3. Revy

4. Alphard

Round Two

1. Ladd of course

2. Sousuke

3. Alphard

4. Revy

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