Ladd Russo (Baccano!) vs Rudy (Vamp!)

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No prep

Standard gear

Fight takes place in a big alley way

Win by death/knockout


Rudy being the guy in the armor

Just ask if you need info.

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Info on Rudy would be nice.

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@Fehafare said:

Info on Rudy would be nice.

Rudy is an eater.

That is a person that eats vampires.

As you know he's from Vamp! Same verse as Baccano!

Alright here are his feats. He doesn't have many as not all of Vamp! Has been translated. But seems on Ladd's level.

I'll just post the battle parts so I don't spoil the amazing story! Remember he's the guy in the armor.


The young man stood before the monsters.

The monsters lunging at him froze.

In the blink of an eye, the vampire nearest to the man was lying on the ground with a shattered jaw.

They were an uncanny group of beast-creatures, looking like human forms twisted into animals. It was impossible to tell if they were even vampires or werewolves.

They were the vampires who called this place home, and they had been controlling the humans of nearby villages for quite some time.

Several months ago, a group of vampire-hunting humans had come to exterminate them, likely having been hired by someone from a nearby village.

But this team of exterminators was almost maddeningly weak. The vampires easily destroyed them, and torched a nearby village in retaliation.

That should have ended everything.

But the foe standing before their eyes was forcibly making it clear--they were the ones whose lives were about to end.

In the dark of the abandoned mine--the nest of the vampires and the werewolves under their command--they were very suddenly faced with an enemy.

The enemy was a gigantic suit of armor.

It was of a strange design, a blend of East and West. There was a thick layer of armor over the wearer’s face. He seemed to be watching the events unfolding around him through the slits where the eyes should be, but it was impossible for the vampires to see inside the armor.

The reason they concluded that the wearer was a young man was because of the brief words he spoke to them.

“Hah... Just die for me, okay?”

It was a simple command.

As though this was a signal to attack, the monsters instantly prepared for battle.

But the young man’s words were, in fact, not what the monsters believed them to be.

Because by the time he had finished his sentence, the battle was already over.

There was a sound like something collapsing. The monsters turned around.

Where they would normally see the vampire leading them standing, all they saw was a headless lump of flesh.

“Huh...?” One of the monsters surrounding the armor uttered.

At that very moment, a gust of wind stroked their faces.

They were one step too late to read the angle from which the wind had blown. By the point they could pinpoint the direction, they realized that something had just passed right through them.

The answer to their question was much further back than where their leader had been standing. ‘It’ had been driven into the dimly-lit wall of the mine.

A white stake, blood and meat dribbling from its sides.

The blood stuck to its surface quickly went grey, then turned to ash and scattered in the mine.

At the same time, the headless body began to dissipate from the neck down, fading to ashes.

‘Where did that come from?’ The monsters found themselves wondering, even before they could feel any sadness about their leader’s death.

The answer was already right before them.

The gigantic suit of armor before them had launched the stake in the middle of the young man’s command.

The attack had come so suddenly that they noticed nothing until well after the fact. Though the man’s armor looked very heavy, they did not even see him lift his arm. What kind of a stance had he even thrown the stake from?

The monsters were all occupied by the all-too-sudden fact of their master’s death. But a moment later, they understood what was happening and instantly let their bloodlust loose upon their foe.

But the armored man did not move.

He was neither trying to attack the frantic monsters as they reeled from their master’s death, nor was he trying to escape. He only stood there, rooted to the spot.

“KILL HIM!” One of the monsters cried. He looked to be a vampire like his master, but he looked much less refined than the leader. At the same time, one of the monsters charged at the armored man.

He was rewarded for his efforts with a shattered jaw.

“Sorry. I was just getting a bit of shut-eye.”

The armored man casually shook off the jawbone shards and chunks of flesh from his arm. The voice coming from within was equally as laid-back.

“I’m serious. I just fell asleep. Looks like I’m still a bit jet-lagged. That was really close, you know. If you didn’t start yelling, I might not have woken up. And you would have killed me for sure.”

The armored man looked down upon the jawless vampire rolling on the ground.

“That’s right... All that noise woke me up from my terrible nightmare. I guess I should be thanking you twice.”

Because the man’s face was entirely covered, the monsters looked around at one another, unable to read their foe’s expression. Was he being sincere or sarcastic?

But what they did know was the fact that this man was much more powerful than they had expected.

As the monsters murmured amongst themselves, unable to take a single step forward, they heard from the armor what sounded like a laugh-

-that moment, the armor continued speaking.

“Thank you. In return, I’ll give my all into killing and murdering every last one of you tear you all to pieces and not leave a piece of dust and destroy you all--”

By the time he had finished speaking without even pausing to take a breath, half the monsters were lying on the ground without their heads.

The armor looked down upon the still corpses.

“You died because I beheaded you? This is just disappointing.”

Though the monsters were watching disaster unfold before their very eyes, they could not even twitch.

“This isn’t war. This isn’t even a battle. This is just a one-sided massacre.” The armor said, implicitly mocking the monsters. But they could not even think of retorting.

“Did the bigwigs really have to send me of all people for this job? This is way too easy.”

One of the werewolves finally snapped out of his daze as the man mumbled to himself. He threw the knife he was holding at the armored man.

The knife, flying at a speed unthinkable for humans, was thrown straight towards the dark slit in the armor, where the man’s eyes should be.

A crisp metal ring echoed through the mine. At the same time, the werewolf was grabbed by the collar and lifted clear off the ground.


Holding him in the air was the man in the gigantic armor.

‘When did he get all the way over here?’

The moment he found himself wondering this, the werewolf felt something stabbing into his neck.

It was the knife he had thrown earlier. He had seen neither the moment it was caught nor the movement of the man, but he found himself in this position before he could even think.

If this was not the supernatural act of stopping time, the man’s movements were clearly inhuman. Of course, a human could not possibly control time itself.

Thinking this, the werewolf attempted to bluff as much as he could and spoke with the knife still lodged in his neck.

“Y-you... You’re a vamp-”

Don’t treat me like one of them.”

The tip of the knife was buried deeper into his neck. The werewolf could not finish his sentence.

But as though in his place, another vampire came to the answer--about the human creatures who possessed power greater than vampires.

“Bastard... You’re an Ea-”

A stake came flying towards him from the armor. The vampire’s head flew off, his mouth still agape.

Watching the corpse collapse to the ground, the armor said without a hint of emotion:

“That’s right.”

The monsters watching them had no idea what their friend had been right about, but they realized the state of their being--mortal peril.

Their allies were slain one by one like pieces of trash. But the enemy probably considered them to be even less than that. He annihilated them one by one, so casual that he might as well have been doing something so natural as breathing. Several of the monsters finally turned to flee into the mine shafts.

Their heads exploded one by one, in the order in which they had turned.

There was a dry impact as stakes drove themselves into the walls of the mine, followed shortly by the sounds of heads being crushed.

The first vampire to be beheaded was already turning to ash. Blood spouted from the werewolves’ bodies as they lay still without so much as twitching.

The armor, in the midst of attacking the fleeing monsters one by one, heard the words of a male vampire who had remained rooted to the spot.

“P-please.. spare--”

Without even letting the vampire finish, the armored man covered his fanged mouth with his hand.

“Hey... You just tried to beg for your life.”

In spite of his nonchalant tone, the armored man slowly began to apply more pressure to the hand covering the vampire’s mouth.

“...Don’t. Killing someone who begs for his life leaves a bad taste in my mouth, you know.”

The armored man listened to the vampire’s jaw shatter as he laid out his illogical philosophy. At the same time, he jabbed his free hand into the vampire’s chest.

Acknowledging the sensation of piercing the vampire’s heart, the man then fired another stake at a vampire who was attempting to flee. He then turned around and beheaded the female vampire who had been opening her mouth from behind him.

“N, no...”

Her head flew into the air mid-sentence, only able to mouth the words she spoke, but her lungs would no longer squeeze out air.

(That's were the conflict ends pretty much)


He was also capable of throwing bullet speed stakes at a vampire that went through her like butter and demolished her in straight up combat. (I didn't post that battle because of spoilers and its really long)

His armor of course can certainly hold up to human punches (though the human was like Jacuzzi level but the armor still broke the enemy's hand) and as you can see is faster (then a good portion of vampires)

He was capable of throwing a human a great distance with one hand.

There is more but I'll stop for now.

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Tl;dr version? Also don't wanna spoil myself a part Vamp.

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@Fehafare said:


Tl;dr version? Also don't wanna spoil myself a part Vamp.

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