Kyuubi Mode Naruto Vs True Bankai Renji, Rukia

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Kyuubi Mode Naruto Vs True Bankai Renji Abarai , True Bankai Rukia Kuchiki


Scenario 1: In character

Scenario 2: bloodlusted

- No holding back

- All serious

- No prep

- No morality

- Win by death

Location: Soul Society

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Rukia is the only threat, but Naruto should take this because BJ spamming, plus he's faster too, although I'm not quite sure how fast Rukia has gotten, but she was certainly faster than pre-Byakuya before his training.

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Kyuubi Chakra mode or Bijuu mode?

The former loses, the later probably stomps.

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Naruto can have his Chakra mode clones fight and Tire them out and then tail beast bomb their asses.

Naruto had Clones all over the battle field, fighting and beating top-tier legendary Shinobi like the third Raikage.

Five chakra clones each would be overkill for both Rukia and Renji just like how five Susanoo each were overkill against the five kage.

also Naruto would be able to tell just how cold Rukia is and just keep her at a distance and all times.

and then he can combine Sage mode with chakra and kyuubi mode which is just not fair.

Naruto is literally a one man army now and a lot of matches against him would be a one sided massacre.

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If Rukia is here then he loses. At absolute 0 no kinetic vibrations can exist. Physical damage will be rendered useless. He would still beat Renji pretty badly.
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In all honesty Taicho I cannot see Rukia winning here. Especially in the bloodlust round, Naruto is faster and has a lot more DC under his belt. The absolute zero is indeed deadly, although I felt As Nodt resisting it initially as shitty writing on Kubo's part. All I see is him nuking them with a few good Bijuu Dama's.
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@taichokage:in a contest of speed, Naruto outclasses Rukia so even with her absolute zero all Naruto has to do his spam miniature rasenshurikens, extend his chakra cloak with Ransengan, tailed beast bombs, Sage mode Tailed beast bombs, literally five Chakra-sage-mode Clones, including himself and he would completely stomp Rukia.

she is in absolute zero and one wrong move and it's game over for her, and Naruto spamming attacks would cause her to slip up and kill herself. either Naruto takes her out or her own ability kills her, it is as simple as that. and I am 100% sure she can't tank one tailed beat bomb or a rasenshuriken.

He literally has clone that were all over the war battle field all at the same time.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Lol Kubo's completely retarded for having Rukia's shikai reach absolute zero, and his lack of knowledge over physics and the effects of such temperatures further supports this...

However, it does help As Nodt's case seeing he has the ability to... I guess.. reheat or vibrate his atoms and molecules into functioning. Really, there's no actual logical explanation as to how and why As Nodt survived being frozen under Absolute Zero, as well as, Rukia having the mobility to move under such temperatures.

Also, Rukia has little to any control over her Bankai, one false move or slip and it's over, and considering Naruto's destructive output it'd be over for both her and Renji.

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Right you are 5th. Right you are indeed.
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Naruto could just spam his best moves on the two and it will be over..

Slightly off-topic:

There are only two characters i accept who could and should be able to create and move while at absolute Zero, It will be Kuune who has minus 1 trillion degrees (which is far far colder than absolute zero and makes no sense) since it is comedy.. and Liber Legis, since it can make an area to absolute zero even countering an infinite heat, mass and gravity attack, but it never goes in the AOE of his own attack..

BTW, you should clean that manga scan in the OP for rukia's pic (too flat o.O)..

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Rukia she's too COOL

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@Haiken: Really, there's no such thing as (more colder) than absolute zero to be honest. Gods in SS can move and render the effects of absolute zero to be useless.

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Round 1: most likely bleach team since naruto in charecter won't straight away use tail beast bomb

Round 2: It can go either way, it depends who use their most powerful attack first, but seeing how Rukia absolute zero attack can't be use recklessly, naruto takes the majority

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Naruto takes this however if rukia can get a good shot in shikai or gets near and uses bankai she could take it.

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still naruto.

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Looks like BM Naruto. In which case, Naruto blitzes Rukia and then proceeds to vaporize Renji.

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BM naruto takes this

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@Jgames: Round 1 I still say Naruto because of his chakra cloak clones @luthluth: she can't even catch Naruto with either Shikai or Banki, so that's not happening

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@5th: wanna try all Gods in SS vs LL? xD

Kuune really could make an output of something colder than absolute zero, since absolute zero is just more than -400 degrees centigrade, there is nothing colder than that via laws of physics.. BUT Kuune could make a negative one trillion degrees centigrade.. that's why i said it makes no sense..

The absolute zero in SS verse follows the laws of physics, that's why they can render it useless.. the two i mentioned above does not..

BTW.. Naruto still wins xD

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@LHWKnight: Naruto will most likely go h2h combat against Renji and Rukia first in character and use rasengan.

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