Kyuubi Mode Naruto Vs Enel

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@othus12 said:

i know you love naruto but clearly you are overhyping him A LOT

first, i cleared that i forgot intan was off (nerfing enel should give you an idea of how this is a mismatch but ok)

Thats fine but as I have said even if it was on the outcome would not change due to NLF.

second, saying naruto can tank blasts in the range of Teratons is one of the biggests lies ever. 10 teratons are enough to erase a country the size of the united states so clearly you don't even understand the scale of power you are talking about.

Twist my words some more why dont you. I said:

a teratons worth of energy

A teraton, as in singular or 1. How do we know this, because the Juubi is calced at 1 teraton with its casual beams and Naruto was outright shown to tank that beam. I understand the scale of power more than you (based on a poor attempt at trying to show the different values of destructive capacity) and 1 teraton is the equivalent for high end island busting levels.

Do some research yourself before you claim I am wrong.

Also you need to check your values.

By erase, you mean destroy everything completely. You will need more than 10 to do that to the USA.

he was tanking multi-mountain level blasts at best.(bet you wanna gang him with zebura right?)

Island level, all Bijuu dama contain 4 Gigatons worth of energy making them all island level. Despite what you might think size does not directly equate to power.

And no I don't, Zebura is calced well into the teratons and is faster by a large margin. In what way did I give you the impression that he would be fight the Toriko verse?

you should go to the OBD, enel destroyed pein with ease, some people even called it spite.(guess that tells you something about enel's reaction time)

Twisting my words once again.

I never said Enel would beat Pain, I believe I said that Pain has faster reactions and combat speed, which the OBD agrees with else they would not quote him at being at Mach 7 in combat and reactions outside of his lightning movement speed. they also said the same in a battle between him and Stark at which they quoted his "mach 7 reactions and combat speed".

Once again do some more research before you try and prove me wrong.

now haki adds to the reaction time massively because its precognition opposed to true reflexes, the weakness of haki users is that they may not be able to keep up (explained by marigold and sandersonia) unless you think marigold has better reaction time than enel right? even she could foresee luffy at gear second and luffy is at hypersonic+ (BTW enel was dodging luffy at lightning speed, thats what forced luffy to use random attacks)

Skypeia Luffy is around mach 10, this is calced, his attacks are slower than this.

Dodging mach 7-10 attacks is not the same as dodging a mach 30+, and if his reactions were as high as you say then he should have had no trouble dodging Luffys attacks without the use of Haki.

bijuu dama calced at mach 30? thats cute(not to mention wrong, bijuu dama was calced at mach 20 in naruto forums)

Ah you mean this one?

The one that was recalced at the bottom of the first page and then thrown out because distance and timeframe were wrong? It was also recalced to mach 42 in the same thread.

Conversely this the upper limit of their speed.

Mach 143. (that is accepted by the way)

Nice try but no dice.

enel's speed was calced at mach 437 and his range is well over 10 miles

Yeah, in his lightning form, he still needs to react to use it which wont happen unless you can prove it. Now go right ahead and get some scans showing Enel at the same level as everyone else in One Piece in speed and reactions without the use of his lightning body.

By this effect I want you to show him dodging mach 20 fighters on panel right here, right now.

I was generous and doubled his reactions with the use of Mantra to mach 15 (Highly resonable as their best calc for speed is mach 19 that is used regularly), I even said you could stretch it to mach 20 if you want as thats just above how far the One Piece verse goes currently.

If you want to be a dick about Naruto than I can be just as much of a dick with One Piece.

And yeah thats fine about his range, Naruto was able to sense each of his friends from across a country during the war so range is not an issue here as there are at the standard distance and either can attack each other instantly.

for all you know as soon as the fight starts enel can get away, and spam el thor from a distance so far naruto wouldnt realize what hit him, he can also go away until his kurama form fades. enel can do so many things to make this an unfair fight, the only chances i give naruto of winning are because of enel's cockiness but not because of naruto's power.

As I already covered the Bijuu Dama would be in the air long before he tries to run. A fact that seems to escape your grasp. He is going to try and attack right at the start same as naruto, the only differece here is Naruto is going to fire a Bijuu Dama and enel is going to fire a few bolts at him. he is going to have to react to the Bijuu dama that has just been fired a few feet in front of his face and then turn into lightning and then zip away to dodge it. He is going to need reactions well into the MHS range to do this even for a mach 20 Bijuu Dama. So go ahead and prove it.

I could also debate that with intangibility off he cant fully turn into his lightning form else that would break the rule, so he is not going to run anywhere.

Also here is list for tanking feats. (Over a teraton, so i say 1 teraton, unless you think Naruto and Bee are stronger than the thing that has been slaping them around since its rebirth)

And there is Skypiea Speed. Mach 6.5 (7 Which is what I said already)

That awkward moment when you think you are right but couldn't be more wrong.

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@Yusuke52:ummm the awkward moment when i realize you are right LOL

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@othus12: Look man it's not that I think Enel is weak, its just that Naruto has been getting insane boosts to power and speed these last few chapters that put them (Top Tiers) head and shoulders above the rest (Makes sense given its in the end game now). If the distance is larger then maybe he could zip away and wait it out (thats what I said in my first post as his only real chance of winning, a direct confrontation is suicidal) but its standard distance and the Bijuu Dama will be a few feet from his face by the time its ready to be fired.

Against anyone else from Naruto bar the likes of the Obvious (Hashirama, Naruto, Madara etc.) he can win, but these guys are packing som insane AoE and firepower not to mention incredible defences and top end speed and reactions.

Thats my point, I don't doubt his speed while moving via lightning but he only has mach 7 reaction (Higher with Mantra) and combat speed to compliment that which is what will get him killed here as these attacks are far to fast for even Haki to give him the edge.

The reason for the 8/10 is because on the off chance he does get away but more often than not he is going to be face to face with a Bijuu Dama, and that is not going to go well for him.

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Enel wins do not try and overcomplicate things. He is faster, has pre-cog and has unlimited lightning usage. What exactly is there to debate about?????

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@One_Piece_God: great argument. how about you actually read the posts im the thread next time

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- Intangibility off.

- Naruto can use Bijuu Bomb.

- Enel can use advent of thunder

- No holding back.

- All serious and in character

- Win by death

This is all I need to know to understand that Enel is the overall victor of this battle.

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Going with Naruto.

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I can see enel taking this fairly easily. He touches naruto and uses 1billion volts. Naruto is still a human lol and a human couldn't even take 1/1000th of that without being injured. His central nervous system would explode and he would be instantly dead.

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bump because some users believe that calcs arent accurate. if that worked for ichigo it should also work for enel

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Regardless of calcs it's not debatable that Enel is faster, intangible, can know what Naruto does before he does it, can fire over 100,000,000 volts at a time and is an island buster with his gear. Until Naruto is the Sage Reincarnated he can't beat Enel.
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I don't think enel is faster at all, Naruto has moved at speeds to which Kakashi, even with his sharigan, can't see. Enel's mantra is a big problem for Naruto I give you that. But given the fact that Naruto can create thousands of clones, and a mere roar from kyuubi Naruto was enough to knock back the bijuus, should give Naruto the edge.

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With or without calcs, Enel simply has nothing on Naruto.

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The only thing Enel has over Naruto is raw speed. Naruto outmatches him in every other aspect.
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@phantomrant: too bad 100 million volts affect people on the caliber of toriko. naruto isnt surviving that much.

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@othus12 said:

@phantomrant: too bad 100 million volts affect people on the caliber of toriko. naruto isnt surviving that much.

100 million volts isn't doing anything to someone with island-level durability. I don't know what Toriko has to do with this. But if we're making comparisons here, Yujiro Hanma tanked 10 million volts no problem, and unless you're implying that his durability level is anywhere remotely near 1% of Naruto's (and apparently Toriko's) durability, Enel has nothing to hurt Naruto.

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Um lol what is this still doing up? Enel has speed advantage, precog and 1billion volts along with el thor. Naruto isn't taking any of this. It isn't destructive capacity naruto has to worry about its about his blood drying inside him and his nervous system exploding the instant enel touches him(which he will).

P.S- if you guys didn't know durability in naruto is basically how hard they can be hit without dying by blunt force or an explosion. Nothing on the level of internal destruction that enel can dish out.

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@phantomrant: please dont try to compare that little lightning to enel and call it 100 million volts. you dont know the level of amperage so that comparison is dull.

lightning is something else. you cannot dodge it nor block it

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Wait who has island level durability? No feat or statement of any character in Naruto places them near island level. Only the Jubi could get the benefit of the doubt so far.
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@taichokage: even at island level burachi with his attacks of 100 million volts can fight on equal ground with some low country busters and has on his full course menu monsters with capture level on the nineties and above. we know that 100 is enough to wipe out humanity. and if enel can produce the same amount of energy its clear that he wins. until luffy enel one shotted all his previous encounters and prolly that will happen now.

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Exactly. I think Enel's output is actually higher than Buranchi's at the moment. I also think Enel could show up in this arc. Of all past characters, I anticipate him the most after Blackbeard.
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