Kuwabara (YYH) vs Knuckle (HXH)

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Knuckle full power


Motive for fighting: Both think the other is abusing animals

Kuwabara (End of Dark Tournament)

  • Round 1: speed equal
  • Round 2: speed unequal
  • Round 3: speed unequal (Yukina cheers on Kuwabara)
  • Round 4: Who has better hair

Setting: Dark Tournament

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Dang. Knuckle looks different in the anime. Kuwabara probably first 3 scenarios, the 3rd one in a flawless victory. He is probably better in all physical attributes but his sword especially gives him an all range advantage. The stats are arguable. Round 4 Knuckle. His pompadour is much better.
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@taichokage: Really? I thought Knuckle's physical stats would be greater given that he is superior to Gon, and Gon can punch people to other countries IIRC.

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Scenario 1 I give it to Kuwabara. He just seems to be the more skilled fighter.

Scenario 2 is where Kuwabara takes it comfortably and Scenario 3 Kuwabara goes berserk on him.

Scenario 4 I give it to Kuwabara since it just seems to fit him better than Knuckle.

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Kuwabara all rounds. Knuckle has no answer to the spirit sword.
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^But that pompadour round.
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Spirit sword won't be able to one shot knuckles due to Hakoware, he's actually the perfect counter for Kuwabara.

Since it will just return the aura to him.

While Spirit sword is extremely taxing for Kuwabara himself, Knuckle could just wear him out/bust him since it's his usually strategy against strong opponents.

I'd say knuckle take both round 1 and round 2, maybe round 2 with more difficulty since Kuwabara is a little faster.

Round 3 goes to Kuwabara and round 4 is a tie.

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Same hairstyles. Interesting. 
I'd say Kuwabara wins.
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