Kumagawa Misogi vs Ryogi Shiki

Topic started by deathmonger on June 25, 2013. Last post by CerusSerenade 1 year, 7 months ago.
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Semi knowledge on what they both are capable of.

Win by any means

The location is the night streets of Japan.

1: Speed Equal (No void shiki)

2: Speed normal (Void Shiki)

3: Speed equal (Void Shiki)

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1 - who hit first, considering that both can basically insta kill the other with their abilities, Ryougi more combat focused nature might help her in this scenario, but I call it pretty even

2- Misogi, he is faster than Ryougi by a huge margin, and can capitalize that no problem

3- Ryougi, excluding the speed which was equalized, Ryougi outclasses him on pratically anything.

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1-Most like Ryougi. She has the mind and expert training of a killer who doesn't even flinch from cutting off her own arm. She just never slacks off.

2-Misogi speed blitz.

3-Ryougi in a stomp.

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