Kumagawa Misogi (Medaka Box) vs Accelerator (To aru series)

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@Haiken: Kumagawa erased time so he could speed blitz several people at once. As for death its a possibility he can undo deaths since It may have never been shown due to lack of deaths that needed reversing but he did say that he planned on reviving Zenkichi but Ajimu beat him to it. He has also shown on several occassions healing the wounds of others. Plus everybody is forgetting leg eating forrs.

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@Haiken said:

@Vapovile: read the OP.. i say accelerator wins since i nerfed kumagawa to only have 1 life.. although in normal circumstances Kumagawa wins..

All fiction can only Undo things, april fiction can redo things that are undone by all fiction.. kumagawa himself cannot warp reality like eucliwood does.. might be interesting to see opinions of others though..

Kumagawa's All fiction erases things and can undo them and since it was upgraded even further he can bring things back that erased. Also with his own abilities the own screws he uses are made with his own reality warping abilities.

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@Zerogodlike: yes but still not reality warping like Eu does.. I say full power Eu could do anything..

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@Haiken said:

@Zerogodlike: yes but still not reality warping like Eu does.. I say full power Eu could do anything..

That would a NLF unless they have the feats to do so.

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@Zerogodlike: Yes i know.. But she did say that without suppressing her power, a single emotion from her will cause the string of fate of the world to wiggle violently..

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Defending Last order = Accelerator wins even if misogi has his all fiction fully

For his own = Misogi wins

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@Haiken: All fiction has its down falls obviously, everyone makes it seem "Op erase, he wins" But it has downfalls and thats how medaka could beat him. Basically one of the weaknesses for all fiction is Will Power, and we all know how much accelerator has...

He could not keep his balance in any direction. He could not even make the “calculation” to determine which direction to push to get up. He could see a hand sprawled on the floor, but as he tried to count the number of fingers, he would lose track partway through.

The battery had died, so the electrode on Accelerator’s neck was no longer functioning.

He could not use his powers, understand language, or even make simple calculations by counting on his fingers. He had difficulty controlling his body weight and center of gravity, so he could not even stand up properly, much less clench his fist and attack Kihara.

The abandoned office floor was covered in dust and clumps of it were caught all through the carpet. Being collapsed with his cheek pressed against that carpet was uncomfortable for Accelerator. However…

(How…am I…supposed to…get rid of…this discomfort?)

He could passively gather information, but he could make no active reaction to it. He could not make the “calculations” needed to bridge that gap.

A voice rained down from above Accelerator.

It belonged to Kihara Amata.

Gradually arriving to fall asleep is fine, but is that far from that many problems!?

Accelerator could not understand what he was saying.

What had he come here to do? He could ask himself the question, but he could not answer it. He was fairly certain Last Order was here. He was fairly certain he had to take her from here. That much he knew. He did not need to make any calculations to know that. He simply had to draw information he already knew to the surface of his mind.


How was he supposed to do that?


Accelerator stopped moving there.

Even if his ability to think had been at its best, he would not have found an answer to that. Even if he could use Academy City’s strongest power to its fullest, Kihara Amata would predict his actions, confuse him, and control his powers. Kihara would then attack with a harsh counter. Kihara seemed completely unconcerned even when enough power to destroy the world was launched at him. Meanwhile, Accelerator had lost the benefits of his choker-style electrode so he could only barely stand with the help of a cane. Trying to find a means of victory there was simply too much to ask. Even if Tree Diagram was used, it would simply output the answer “0%”.



After spewing so much abuse at Accelerator, Kihara suddenly stopped.

A slight bit of confusion mixed into his expression of scorn.

And this was not surprising. Especially with someone who had almost perfectly predicted the function and weaknesses of the device on Accelerator’s neck immediately upon seeing it.

One of the desks creaked as Accelerator grabbed onto it and stood back up.

He was in no state to fight.

He could not even support his own weight. He had his hands on the desk, but he would collapse back to the floor the instant he let go. His eyes were not focused and were rolling around randomly. Only he could know what images those black pupils showed him.

Accelerator was losing even to earth’s gravity, so he was in no state to oppose a powerful enemy.

And yet he still confronted Kihara Amata.

Kihara laughed like an idiot as he saw how pathetic Accelerator was.

What do you gain from removing the same bombardment unit!?

He continued mocking him even though his words would never reach the boy.

He had likely been asking what Accelerator could hope to do with his battery dead, but Accelerator was unable to understand it. And even if Accelerator had understood, it would not have changed what he was doing.

Accelerator could not make any calculations in his current state.

He understood how hopeless the situation was and he could think of no way of breaking free of that situation.


Accelerator could not calculate out any of the reasons he would lose either.

That meant he would not hesitate no matter what.

No matter what situation he was thrown into and even if he knew the next attack would kill him…

He would continue to fight to the very, very end.

He would fight without making any calculations.

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