Kratos/Starkiller vs Archer/Gilgamesh

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Gilgamesh uses Gae Bolg, or Archer uses Huntring or whatever it was called.
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@TheNeutralOne: Thank you

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Any argument for team 1 winning can only be composed of complete and utter bullshit.

Anyone on team 2 solos casually.

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How so? Starkiller has beyond master level of the force and can force choke as soon as teh battle begins? Kratos has great reaction speed and an assortment of items along with durability, striking and regular strength feats to back him up. Together they can win. Instead of saying its bull shyt give an example of how they can overcome being force choked as soon as the match starts or kratos' golden fleece, boots of hermes, ability to command and summon armies of souls.

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@TheNeutralOne: Force isn't doing anything to beings who have resistance to conceptual magic and affects, especially when facing gae bolg which says "fuck you" to every form of strategy.

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Kratos has no bloody speed feats to speak of. Golden Fleece is a NLF and Boots don't do anything. Team 2 is much faster and would speedblitz both of them before they do anything. Being Servants they are completely immune to anything that is not another spirit or magic so the force wouldn't work to begin with. Ignoring that, Archer resisted space being frozen around him and broke it and Gilgamesh's a dozens of times stronger than that and resisted time manipulation, even suggesting that something as simple as force choke could/would work is a sin beyond sins. Not to mention that Starkiller has never even tried affected someone on the level of these two and even if it worked, turning into spirit form would make them completely invisible and intangible, rendering force choke completely useless. I just gave a lot of points on the force choke, moving on. Summoning Armies of Souls huh? I don't know, how about this:

That's Ea at low output. Not to mention that Gilgamesh ha every single weapon Kratos has and more. He doesn't even need Ea to deal with both of them. He has spears that first pierce your heart and are then thrown pretty much reversing cause and effect, they also negate healing and regeneration. Scythes that negate immortality and regeneration as well as ignore durability and armor. Mirrors that deflect magic. Ancient space ships which have nukes and defy the laws of physics chains that bind gods and even space itself, a sword that freezes everything in it's path, a sword equal to Excalibur and much more. Archer can pretty much use all of the above safe for Ea and Vimana the space ship.

Team 2 has better hax and outclasses team 1 in every stat, there isn't much to debate there.

I didn't try to make an argument first time around simply because it's just too obvious and anyone who does not see it is either troll or wanker or well ignorant i guess, there's no fourth option.

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Lol Kratos wankers never cease, do they?

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@EraserCannon: It's ok, it's the same guy that said a universal lost to a planet buster.

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Well considering they are spirits and kratos has teh ability to control spirits i don't think they wanna go in that form.

Um the golden fleece is not a no limits falacy it has stated its power and has been affected by gods and titans alike and has worked just fine. Kratos has fought on par with zeus a casual teleporter and has dodged real lightening even when spammed. I'm not a wanker im simply giving feats based off what is seen. He is a casual lightening timer. Do with that what you may. He has the boots of hermes which gives him a tremendous speed boost.

In terms of strength kratos was capable of besting hercules. He has also taken down massive titans through himself alone. Someone his size won't be of much difficulty. Every weapon kratos has? Impossible. His weapons do not exist inside their verse as they do not have the same gods or mythology not to mention they are not noble phantasms. What happens if kratos pulls out medusa's head? Instant stone statues. Kratos has his sun shield that blocks attacks. Kratos is not a god as he wields the blade of olympus which strips a god of all their powers. He cannot be a god without his powers. Without them he is just a normal guy that whips ass. And thats exactly what he is. Kratos has quite the variety of magic attacks considering all of his weapons are magically imbued and were capable of affecting gods and other magical and mythological creatures there is no reason to assume why he can't affect them with his magical weapons. I've seen archer and gilgamesh by the way and I haven't seen what puts them above kratos or star killer in any sense.

Star killer is capable of fighting the likes of vader and yoda. He is beyond master level of the force. Choose what you may but the force can be considered a concept or even magic. So they will be affected by it. Starkiller can pull huge starships from the sky with ease im sure he can use his force to distract the two. With his beyond master level of the force he has precognition and telepathy. I'm not seeing the stomp here.

Show me something really good and i'll quit this.

@CerusSerenade: And in a real fight i don't go with the glass canons.

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No offense or anything, but that post showed that you got no idea about Fate. I'm not talking about being an expert or anything, but you lack even the basic understanding of it. Anyway, nevermind that, moving on point by point.

1. Based on what can Kratos control them? Has he ever controlled Spirits on their level? Gilgamesh resisted the devil and all evils in the world (just a tiny bit of that completely currupted Hercules) laughed at it, said that you need 3 times more if you even want to stain his armor and then premmited the devil to exist. Archer is a Counter Guardian a being that is all will of humanity personified and he is restraining Primate Murder, a giant white dog who can life-wipe with a thought. If we gonna play that game, Kratos and his entry verse vaporize from being in the presence of these two.

2. What is the best attack it blocked, the GF i mean? Also, not in gameplay but in a cutscene or some other canon source.

3. Not real lightning. Also if we gonna use vague bullshit. Saber's Excalibur is nothing but photons, accelerated, Gilgamesh reacts to it. And multiple times in Fate/Zero the Servants are stated to be moving near light speed. Gilgamesh also crosses multiple glaxies in F/E CCC. Also, the boost give a speed boost but it can't be quantified.

4. Gilgamesh also killed Hercules, your point? And so did Archer in fact.

5. Actually they do. In the Nasuverse all myths are true including the Greek ones and all those weapons are Noble Phantasm as well. We have seen all of Persuse's Noble Phatasm and some other stuff like the reins that tamed Pegasus.

6. You're still using NLF's, strongest being Medusas's head worked on? Also it doesn't matter, Archer faced Medusa and shurged off her stare like nothing. Gilgamesh has many times more magic resistance.

7. As long as he had a godly father or mother or some godly influence his powers don't matter he is considered divine and can be bound by Enkidu. Alexander the great had divinity just because there was a rumor that he might be a demi-god.

8. To ilustrate it: If the force is not to be considered magic, they are completely immune to it. If it is to be considered magic, they have enough resistance to ignore it anyway. SK gets speedblitzed anyway.

9. Starkiller this, Starkiller that. Show me some feats. Also, canon comic confirms that the SD was just falling, SK never did anything to it. Also not that it matters, you can't quanitfy the feat and even if you could he never shown anything like it in direct combat.

Your the classic video game wanker. Take an unquantifiable thing with no feats, blow it out of proportions. Not to mention you go by touchy-feely stuff rather than solid objective statsand the countless NLFs ofc.

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