Kratos (GoW) vs. Death (Darksiders)

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A killer of gods and the reaper of souls. Kratos slew for vengeance against the gods that betrayed him. Death fought to save his brother War from the Charred Council, even though they don't seem to get along. These two tackle armies, slay monsters and giants, both living and dead. Kratos defeated the Olympians, and Death defeated powerful Demons, Spirits, and even went blade-to-blade with the Demon Prince Samael.
Both of these figures possess varied arsenals of weapons to use at their behest. Kratos possesses the Rage of the Titans, while Death has the power of his Reaper Form. Both of them are extremely difficult to kill, and neither of them will give up for anything. The Son of Zeus must take on the Pale Rider, a Demi-God against one of the last of the Nephilim. 
Round 1: In Character
Round 2: Bloodlusted, no PIS
Battle will take place in the lands of Nosgoth (Legacy of Kain). Because, in the future, the place is kind of a shithole.
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@ReiKai: hey do you mind helping me with a post that I made , it has gally in it?

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don't we need an anime character
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Battle threads must have at least on Anime/Manga character participating in the battles.

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