Konoha 11 (pre skip) vs Red Ribbon Army (Dragon Ball)

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Scenario 1. Konoha 11 pre skip (Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Shino, Hanata, Kiba, Negi, Lee, Tenten) (has knowledge of Army and generals along with a week of prep) vs Red Ribbon Army (no Tao or Blue)

Scenario 2. Konoha 11 post skip + Sasuke post skip vs Red Ribbon Army (no Tao, but Blue is there)

Scenario 3. Konoha (entire village) (Naruto may use up to Sage mode but other than that unrestricted) vs Red Ribbon Army (unrestricted)

Can these ninja emulate what Goku did as a Child? For pre skip they may use what ever they had shown up until that point, for post, same only Naruto is restricted to 3 tails

post skip

pre skip

entire village


red ribbon

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Id give it to the red ribbon army in a stomp. In addition to having access to modern day weaponary, the generals would be enough to take down the 11, especially with the likes of Tao Pai Pai and General Blue on thier side, both of whom were able to best kid goku who should have been stronger than the majority if not all of the kanoha 11during the red ribbon arc.

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@Haofan123: Forgot to take them out, I'll add in knowledge and a week of prep for the 11 as well to make it more fair

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can naruto go 4 tails?

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^ Pre-shippuden Naruto can only go 1-tails.
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The army. None of the Konoha 11 pre time skip have the durability to tank bullets, let alone missiles and lasers, nor do they have the reactions and speed to dodge them either. Sasuke and Neji alone might be the exception to the projectiles but not lasers. Shoot, even post time skip only Naruto has the speed and durability to handle the army, and Sasuke via Susanoo.
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Konoha 11 get destroyed. With the exception of Rock Lee with his gates open, I'm fairly sure none of them are even close to super sonic speeds and would get ripped to shreds by all the guns and lasers.

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@ohgodwhy: Would they stand a chance post skip or would the entire village not stand a chance?

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