Konan vs Deidara

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@Dream: Okay. You do know that he has shown and manuvered in mid air combat way more than Konan has right? You say he hasn't if that was the case he wouldn't have lasted so long against Gaara or Oonoki, yet he was able to get off attacks. Was he flawless no. But Konan has never been shown to battle in high speed flight combat. Deidara has. His arm getting lost in combat with Gaara was a bit do to him being cokcky, but he did it in order to place his clay inside of Gaara's Sand Gourd, and still was able to take him in. You aslo talking about prep time. Bro, C3 doesn't take nearly as long as C4, and he's been able to use C3, and prepare in combat against Oonoki, and Gaara. Konan has also been hit while using her dance of Shikigami, and she was in mid air, way above Jiraiya. She was litterallly attempting to rain down alot of rain like knives. all he did was roll forward three times and blast her with Oil. As high as she was she didn't split into dozens of pieces of paper to dodge the techniques. Even her fight with Tobi. He was next to her twice she didn't spit into dozens of pieces of paper to escape her attack. The reason why I say Deidara is going to win. Is because His attacks are sneakier, and more versitle. You're saying she can quickly get into her get in on Deidara? No dude is a Long Range Expert, and Konan has never ever shown speed equivalent to Oonoki on flight. She's really only shown hovering and, traveling to one place in paper form. His maneuvering abilities on the bird out does anything she has done maneuvering wise, because she doesn't have any. Even if she isn't stupid, her attacks do not have the ability to home, nor do they have the aiblity to act indepentant. If Deidara throws a swarm of clay fire flies he can do that. The same with him throwing clay birds or ants. , letting them get on the paper, and it's over. I'm going with the guy who has more powerful attacks, better battle display tactics, more verstile jutsu., and has gotten the job done numerous times.

And again the only technique he'll need alot of prep time for is C4, and he still managed to use it in combat against Sasuke. He was also preparing a C4 against Oonoki in combat. Dude also has his C2 Which can fire off numerous clay like missiles as bombs. It's what deidara does as a long range fighter, and I'm sorry, bro. I don't see Konan winning it, when some of the stuff you're talking about isn't even releant to helping her out. Because Konan isn't faster than Oonoki, she isn't as agile as Deidara is on the bird, and her attacks can't home in, and in all honest they have never hit anyone.

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