Konan runs the One Piece Gauntlet

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Konan wants to feel appreciated, so she decides to fight these One Piece characters to show her stuff! How far can she make it? Battle takes place in the Village Hidden In The Leaves, Round 1 Logia intangibility is off, Round 2 it's on

  1. Buggy
  2. Kuro
  3. Gin
  4. Don Krieg
  5. Arlong Pirates
  6. Daz Bones
  7. Hody Jones
  8. CP9
  9. 5 Buster Call Ships
  10. Smoker
  11. Boa Hancock
  12. Ivankov
  13. Monet
  14. Magellan
  15. Oars
  16. Jinbei
  17. Crocodile
  18. Caesar
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She probably stops at 7: Hody Jones. She isn't beating 8 - 18, except maybe Monet since intangibility is off.
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I agree that she will probably stop at CP9.

Do you think she can beat 5 Buster Call Ships with this?

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Yes. Maybe barely but yes, so maybe throw in #9 as well for what she can take down. Half the gauntlet isn't too bad.
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@bigz007: Easily. That's basically a billion grenades going off, each one with the potency to destroy the mast of a small ship. She could solo everyone in the first scenario with that technique, but she'd lose as soon as she fought a logia user in the second since that move's basically an "all or nothing" attack.

Without that technique I'd say she gets to Hancock and stops in the first scenario; Smoker in the second.

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Stops at 7, I don't see why Hody Jones is before the CP9

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I'm not entirely sure if Hody is stronger than CP9 as a whole. I know it was post time skip but Zoro beat him easily handicapped being underwater while Hody was in his strongest element, and Luffy a devil fruit user with limited mobility almost beat him underwater when he was pumped with drugs and when he finally got in air he dispatched him very quickly. Now is Hody stronger than Lucci? Yes but probably only in water when pumped with drugs.
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I'm not too knowledgeable on Konan's abilities but isn't she like a paper Logia almost? I'd say she might get past 10 depending on how she plays her cards. Those paper bombs are killer.

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Shouldn't the 5 Buster Call ships be placed last because these guys are on them:

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She need prep for that

Konan probably will be stopping at 8, CP9 can overwhelm her and Kilifa is the perfect defense against Konan's power

Also the five Buster Call Ships don't have a mind of their own and the Leaf isn't by an Ocean :/

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@The_Gorosei: Not exactly, because those Vice Admirals probably have devil fruit users and if she sinks there ships (and IMO she can do it easily) they are done for.

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