Klaus vs Marcus

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KLAUS: is a immortal indestructible vampire that can not be killed by anything but the white oak stake which was destroyed. klaus is a original/hybrid his speed is faster then the eye can see and he could mind control people and vampire using compulsion.

MARCUS: is a vampire that survived multiple bullets to the head and body by multi people showing no pain Marcus is a elder/hybrid he also pulled a helicopter out of the sky and had it crash. he can also fly and read your memories by sucking your blood.

klaus is at peak

marcus is at peak

both bloodlusted

no prep

location: deserted island

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Where's the anime character in this?

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please just comment on who would win

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@tronboy: He has a legitimate question. All battle threads need an anime character.

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but please just let it slide for once and answer the question not to be disrespect sir or madom

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i think klaus wins because marcus was killed by the blades of the helicopter

and klaus could just slice his head off or compel Marcus to slice his own head off.

BTW klaus could compel humans vampires werewolfs and hybrids so im petty shore he could compel Marcus

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No anime characters this battle is not allowed.
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