Kisame Vs Kakuzu Vs Orochimaru

Topic started by VioletteDragoon on Dec. 20, 2008. Last post by ShinobiX 16 hours, 9 minutes ago.
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Lol this is so old. So old it was after I dropped anime... but now I picked anime back up and love it and dropping it was very stupid of me.

Anyway, I see it as Orochimaru > Kisame > Kakuzu. Kakuzu did fight Hashirama, but from what I've heard since Kakuzu didn't explain it very well, Hashirama pretty much stomped him effortlessly.

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I would agree, with this, although years ago maybe a bit after this was made, I would've said Kisame could beat Orochimaru.
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Orochimaru is the most overrated villain in the Naruto verse. Kakazu and Kisame together would absolutely demolish him and Kisame would beat Kakuzu.

Manda and Hydra would gets drowned and eaten by 1000 sharks or Kakuzu can fry the water with his thunder heart while he glides over it

Or Kakuzu could simply obliterate him. He's more than fast and powerful enough.

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this is so old its twice as old as me

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I would have said Kisame, but with the snake's current power up and mind set i'm with Orochimaru on this.

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i really canno decide between these three. Out of them all kakuzu seems to have the most fire power. But then Orochimaru has those giant gate summons he used to stop naruto's kyubi blasts.

Kisame's water advantage makes him deadly. If he can trap them in his giant water bubble, i can see him taking even orochimiru out (this depending on what i last saw him do in the anime, no idea what he's up to in the manga). BUt orochimaru is pretty versatile in his snake jutsus. I can't decide.

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Orochimaru is the more knowledgeable fighter here. He got this. I would have said this in the pass as well. I've never seen the other to do what he has.

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Anyone who isn't a mindless, rampaging monster can casually walk around those gates. They were only as tall and wide as houses.

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Kisame would crush both of them.

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Kisame is the strongest here.He is a top 3 Akatsuki if we exclude Obito.

iirc Oro got kicked out for being too weak.

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If we are including orochimaru edo tensei technique in this fight he takes it especially since he brought back the 4 hokages, kisame wouldnt stand a snowballs chance in hell against them.

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We dont include Edo Tensei because bodies are not standard gear for Orochimaru.

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Orochimaru with difficulty. He is the more better skill fighter of the two imo.

And tends to always have tricks up his sleeves. He seems to always cheat death.

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