Kisame & Kakuzu Vs Danzo & Raikage

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  • Fight takes place on the same island Killer Bee goes to train. 
  • Wach team has 2 days prep
  • Both teams have been giving in depth detail of the island and are allowed to explore it before battle
  • Each team have been given intel on the oppisite team,
  • Each team begins on oppisite ends of the island, and do not nowehere the other team is but they know they are on the island
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@Acer: Who fights who then?
is it kisame vs danzo and kakuzu vs kage or kisame vs kage and kuzu vs danzo?
Post by Acer (5,676 posts) See mini bio Level 11
@Nerx:  Thats up for you to decide.
Though if I had to choose it would be Kisame Vs A & kakuzu Vs Danzo
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  • Kisame vs A is a tricky one but if A gets his aura on then Kisame is dead before he can react
  • Danzo has a neat advantage bestowed upon him due to  the izanagi, but kakuzi can win that one
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danzo was never that impressive to me so he brings the team down 
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I have to say team 1.
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Kisame has already shown the capabilities of fighting A, Remember he was able to fight A & Killer Bee at the same time simultaneously. Shown from that A should have a lot of difficulty of trying to defeat Kisame even doe he is base off the element lighting, Kisames water domes & prisons are to over sizing & outnumbering for A to even try to move. The only chance is if he's capable of turning all the water into an electrical pool but, that will be impossible because of thousands of sharks attacking him at the same time with Kisame merge with Semahada.  
Kakuzu Vs. Danzo  
Hard Battle, Can Kakuzu's Chakra Transferring bring him out from Danzo's Izanagi. The only thing Danzo has is Izanagi against Kakuzu who would brutally massacre him if he never did mastered the reality-controlling jutsu. Kakuzu's Mask are independent beings that run on their on mind, So it says that Kakuzu might be able to defeat Danzo because he'll out number Danzo. 
Post by taichokage (17,887 posts) See mini bio Level 20
team 1 wins. more power, larger scale attacks. Danzo and A do not compliment each others abilities.
Post by narutogeass (94 posts) See mini bio Level 4
danzo makes kisame kill him self same with KaKauzu
Post by tronboy (425 posts) See mini bio Level 9
danzo and raikage win
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