Kisame and kimmamaru vs team taka and Sakura

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No gen jutsu, healthy kimmamaru, kismet is fighting for real.
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sasuke team should win. he has susanoo, with that kimimaro is a non factor.

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Remember kismet was said to be stronger than taka combined plus he has same hada fusion! And this is strong edo kimmamaru, he had to be stopped by naruto. He was among one of the strongest on the opposing team (other than the kages)
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Susanoo arrow is nearly undodgeable. If Sasuke decides to spam them or even Amaterasu, Kisame is dead. Kimimaro will be a bit trickier to handle but Suigetsu has an advantage over him since he is invulnerable to physical attacks. Sakura could possibly break his bone structures but if not, if they can catch him with Amaterasu, it should do a good amount of damage. So overall, Ill give it to team 2 7/10.

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@UltimateHero0406: Sakura's got no chance of breaking his bones, he was able to take one of Gaara's most powerful crushing techniques and come out relatively unharmed.

Although having said that, I think Sasuke can take on Kimimaro in a 1v1 after all his recent power ups. His arrows and amaterasu flames should do a lot of damage.

The question is if he could take on pretty much both Kisame and Kimimaro because I don't think the rest of his team will be of much use. IMO his team might be able to provide enough of a distraction for him to be able to take on one his opponents in a 1v1 and then gang up on the other.

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Team two would win mostly due to Sasuke. If he took on Kisame, he could win with effort, and the remaining 4 combined could take out Kimimaru but also with effort, and if they couldnt, they could hold out long enough for Sasuke to finish and arrive to help. A pretty good battle if you ask me.
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Ok but what if no eyes (sharingan)
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Huh? Most of Sasuke's abilities revolve around his eyes. Without that he's not half the shinobi that he is. That's like removing Kimimaru's bones. They'd be comparably weak. There's no way at all Team Taka could win like that.
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Ok back to normal then
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Team 1 due to sasuke.

Once kisame Goes down, sasuke could solo kimimaro..

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Online Now

Kisame and Kimmimaro rape for being decent Naruto characters.

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If Kisame has Samehada. I'll not sure, but I'd like to bet that Kisame would remove Sasuke's Sasuno.Sasuke is really the only factor here. The only way I really seeing Team Taka winning is if immediately, if Sasuke goes for Amatsura, and even so it's really not even an instant win. As slow as it burns, anyway.

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Sasuke's team after a really hard battle.

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