King Endymion runs Marvel/DC Gauntlet.

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I didn't say that the Senshi were above the Heralds of Galactus or anyone above them. Sailor Moon's only power that might beat someone at the level is her time manipulation, and that woldn't work against most of them I know. However most gauntlets have a buffer zone with characters out of their league on both sides in case the characters prove more or less powerful then originally thought. As I said my best guess is that KE stops at 6, and looking at the second list probably stops at 6 as well (although I'm not as sure).

I believe Eternal Sailor Moon is trascendental level like the Silver Surfer, this dosen't mean she is above him or even equal to him but thtat she is the same gernal area since she can also move hundreds of billions times the speed of light, project multi solar system level attacks, can manipulate time/space etc.

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