Killy vs Androids 17 and 18

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Who wins?

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any of them is enough for Killy.

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@Grinpatch: it's not that easy

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What is Killy capable of?

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@Sonata: Killy has extreme durability that allowed him to survive and regenerate from a planet level attack.

He is also able to react to light speed lasers and dodge them quite easily.

As for destructive capacity, he is around country level and has the Gravity Beam Emitter which is a hand gun that fires projectiles at the megaton energy range and at light speed.

Finally, he can see up to 3000km away and can see skeletal, muscle, molecular, and genetic structures.

And @Grinpatch: it won't be easy for them.

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@IndridCold: Interesting

Well based on power scaling the androids should be at multi-planet durability and destructive capability. Trunks defeated Frieza who survived the destruction of Namek while basically near death. The fought the Androids and got manhandled. Killy's Gravity Beam Emitter though powerful can be nullified by the Android's Barrier Technique. 17 used it in his fight against Piccolo who at the time was an equal to 17. 17 was basically surrounded by Piccolo's Hellzone Grenade, and showed great reaction speed to put the barrier up quickly.

  • Speed: Could go either way here
  • HAX: Killy has the advantage due to regen
  • Strength: The Androids have it here, showing to break limbs of Super Saiyans
  • Durability: The Androids since they brushed aside other planet busters with ease.
  • Destructive Capability: The Androids win here as well mostly due to power scaling.

I'll go with the Androids with Mid-Difficulty here. Killy's Durability and regen will be an annoyance, but will eventually fall since most of the other categories fall in the Androids favor plus he is outnumbered.

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