Kid Gaara vs team Taka (no Sasuke)

Topic started by 18hunt on Dec. 15, 2012. Last post by Fehafare 1 year, 9 months ago.
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This is where they fought Killer Bee. Gaara is half Shukaku form. Also does anyone know if the Shukaku died when he was extracted?

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Jugo speedblitz him before he can transform any further...

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I am of the belief that anyone on team taka save karin can kill pre timeskip garra. And no, the shakaku did not die when it was extracted from Gaara

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Ok I am adding Zabuza and Rock Lee on Gaaras team. and what happened to Shukaku

where is he. what is he now.

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@18hunt: Zabuza's quality solos this thread.

Other than that team Taka still has the edge, Juugo out-powers anyone on team 1 and Suigetsu can't be touched. Karin is... ehh... they can bite her green and blue if something happens.

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