Kid Buu vs Hal Jordan

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@Newdeath: John never reconstructed an entire solar system. They were just empty constructs devoid of life. Many guys can make empty shells with no complex eco system and even as just shells, the ring couldn't do it. Yes, Buu can survive and reconstruct himself from a single cell much like cell. Shown several time when Buu evil Buu was released and when fat buu was blown to smithereens. I think your also overplaying anti-monitor defense stat too much, he's not that durable compared to some others and has become the biggest jobber since Geoff wrote Sinestro Corps war. AKA PIS

@Greysmokeman: Buu is not a galaxy buster. He's a solar system or even multi solar system buster at best (as are most of the Z fighters at the end of Z with the exception of Vegitto). A galaxy is several hundreds of solar systems or more.

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@Greysmokeman: He can't. And if he can, prove it.


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@rpgr: I said John almost succeeded in reconstructing an entire solar system. Hal being a more experienced and overall better Green Lantern would exceed John's limits. The green power ring itself is stated to contain limitless energy and it's user can accomplish anything with the only limit being imagination and willpower. I said Buu can't regenerate if he doesn't exist. Hal can project an energy blast powerful enough that it will completely erase Buu, there's no regenerating from something that doesn't exist. Anti-Monitor is more durable than Kid Buu, that's the point. Kid Buu isn't even very durable to begin with, which is why he relies on his regeneration so much. What if Hal decides to turn Kid Buu into a powerless dust particle with his matter manipulation? Oh and for the record, a galaxy has far far more than just hundreds of solar systems. One star and a few planets make up a solar system, a galaxy has as many as millions to billions of different stars.


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@Newdeath: Nope. John never reconstructed an entire solar system, just it's shell and ring isn't limitless power (hence the whole oath and charge with a lantern and why it's called Green Lantern and not Green Ring). I've read the same issues so don't try and BS it. Anti-Monotor jobbed in the Sinestro Corps War. It's pure PIS otherwise. Seriously, take it to Comicvine and ask if Anti-Monitor jobbed in the Sinestro Corps war, most would say he did.

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@Newdeath: what is best feat of hal ?

unless he can erase multiple galaxies out of existance he would get curbstomped by buu.

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General rule of thumb: When you ask folks, make sure to check their profile pages. NewDeath is gone. He's not going to reply to you.

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^^ Hal jordan is not exactly an anime character. Not to mention it's hard to locate a character's best feat from a profile page, and some feat loses it's value without a lot of context.
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Also metalslash please do us a favour and stop digging these comic vs dbz threads, especially when you have nothing to add to them.
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