Kid Buu vs Dormammu

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Kid Buu arrives to the dark dimension to destroy it, Dormammu appears before Kid Buu to defined his dimension and plans to adding Kid

Buu to his Mindless Ones army.

Location: The dark dimension


1- The dark dimension has no affect on Kid Buu or Dormammu.

2- Neither of those two know about the other's ability.

3- Kid Buu and Dormammu are at their full power.

4- The fight ends with death.

Who wins ?

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@Alpha_Watcher_3000: You do realize that Dormammu is an interdimensional demon, right? ...


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Dormammu outclasses Buu by a good margin. He's more powerful than Dr. Strange who could tussle with multiversal beings at his best. Dormammu defeated Eternity, an Abstract who is a universal being. He destroyed the universe and re-created it. Dormammu solos DBZ.
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At this point I would say we're running out of battle ideas.

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@Kurohige: LOL but who's we?

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@SMXLR8: This site as a whole, not saying we don't get good debates every now and then just look at the Nagato vs Law, vs Barragan, vs Kuma thread or the Dangai Komamura vs Gremmy thread and a few more. The problem is those are far and between as opposed to the hordes of: Pikachu, Mewtwo, Charizard vs Galactus, or Gremmy vs Madara or Kenshiro vs Naruto and Sasuke, or Dio vs Tengu (Nobody really knows how to make proper JJBA fights on any site tbh) ect. I mean remember when we used to have debates on in-verse battles? Where we didn't have to worry about NLF, or weather or not chakara, ki or whatever worked in this universe, or if a character from One Piece can resist an attack because of their equivalent to reiatsu? Not to mention fights were much more balanced. I think we bled crossover fights so much we are resorting to more obscure character than nobody debates because nobody knows about (Look at any ichi the killer vs thread) or we get things like Black widow vs Totolly spies or something. I dunno I just remember one good in-verse battle got much more interesting debates than a majority of crossover ones.

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@Kurohige: To be fair not everything is / has to be a verse . TBH comic is more active then here is for sure , I just vice was at lease 50 % as active as vine is

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A lopsided battle here.

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