Kenshiro vs Justice League of America

Topic started by shonen on April 23, 2011. Last post by Newdeath 3 years, 11 months ago.
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Same thing with Magneto. He can control someone by manipulating their electrons, create black holes, ect but he cannot do it to someone of Supermans durability. Superboy Prime punched Supermans atom or something and it injured him, Superman can travel through space, easily live through absolute 0, and holds a mini-black hole within his hand. Superman and Thor simply are more powerful than regular human structures.
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@shonen: Flash harming Superboy Prime is proof enough that he can effortlessly wreck even this version of Kenshiro. First of all, Kenshiro is nowhere near as fast as Flash, the speedster will be running circles around him. Secondly, Flash hits really hard. He can KO Kenshiro before he even realizes it. Flash is also not the only one who can easily wreck Kenshiro. Martian Manhunter can easily mind rape him with his vast telepathic abilities. He can also render himself immune to Kenshiro's physical attacks by turning intangible, and he will still be able to cause harm to Kenshiro whilst intangible via Martian Vision that is capable of injuring even Superman. Kenshiro loses. 

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