Kenshiro vs Hayato Fūrinji

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Super manly men
Super manly men

At their strongest.

They fight here

this is the theme of the battle

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you are alredy dead

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you mean this


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Both at their strongest? Jeez, Hayato stomps pretty hard.

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@UltimateHero0406: explain

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@LHWKnight: With a tiny fraction of 1% of his strength, Hayato's stats stand at the very top of his world. And where talking about a world where people are high end supersonics, trash buildings with shockwaves from their attacks, and can attack faster than superhuman brain signals can perceive. Not to mention hax ki techniques. At 100% Hayato puts his fist through Kenshiros head before the guy can twitch.

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@UltimateHero0406: i want scans for that

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@LHWKnight said:

@UltimateHero0406: i want scans for that

scans for what 100 % superman , that is not possible . He has not gone full out out yet but he does win this fight

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@SMXLR8: then if he hasn't done it then it doesn't count at full power means everything he has done so far.

next time I'll explain that better.

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@LHWKnight: he still wins though , scans can go so far so it's not a good idea to relay on them to decide a fight

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They're not scans but that wiki is pretty accurate, as are most wikis. Just going off some of his feats, you can see that he far beyond Kenshiro.

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this is what they have for Kenshiro

  1. Head Volume = 59cm
  2. Hearing Ability = Can hear a whisper from 2km away
  3. Height = 185cm (6'1")
  4. Eyesight = Can see the aura of a living creature in pitch black darkness
  5. Kinetic Vision = Can intercept a quick arrow the moment it is shot
  6. Sense of Smell = About as good as a hound
  7. Neck Thickness = 45cm
  8. Bust = 132cm
  9. Arm Thickness = 48cm
  10. Waist = 90cm
  11. Weight = 100kg
  12. Hip = 105cm
  13. Reach = 187cm
  14. Leg Thickness = 63cm
  15. Leg Length = 92cm inseam
  16. Shoe Size = 29cm
  17. Body Characteristics = Index and middle fingers are forged by doing two finger handstands in order to better pierce vital points
  18. Sense of Taste = Sensitive enough to detect poisonous food and such.
  19. Voice = Can mimic many sounds, including animal cries.
  20. Breathing Capacity = 8700 c.c.
  21. Grip = Unmeasurable
  22. Arm Strength = Unmeasurable
  23. Walking Ability = Unmeasurable
  24. Strength of His Back = Unmeasurable
  25. Muscle Strength = Can repel the bullet of a small caliber gun when its strained
  26. Leg Speed = Can move 100m in 9 seconds in steps
  27. Fist Speed = Throws 50 punches in three seconds while performing the Hundred Crack Fist
  28. Jump Strength = 9m a step
  29. Punching Strength = Can split a rock that has 5m of thickness
  30. Kick Strength = Can send a 200kg man flying 25m into the air
  31. Diving Time = 53 minutes
  32. Resistance to Poison = Can endure five times the dose of Potassium Cyanide required to kill an ordinary man
  33. Fasting Resistance = Body can remain strong for three months without eating
  34. Sleep Resistance = Can spend an entire week without sleeping
  35. Memory Capacity = Can memorize up to 50,000 words after reading them once.
  36. Birthdate = 1970s (20 or so years before the Nuclear War)
  37. Blood Type = Unknown
  38. Favorite Techniques = Can use techniques from the 108 sects of Nanto Sei Ken in addition to Hokuto Shin Ken
  39. Favorite Weapons = Nunchaku, six-sectioned staffs, throwing knives and such
  40. Special Skills = Has an internal biological clock with a margin of error of more than three seconds in a month
  41. License = Initiated into the secrets of Hokuto Shin Ken passed between a single line of successors
  42. Habit = Cracks his fingers before a fight
  43. Talking Habit = Unknown, because he is too taciturn
  44. Hobby = Developing new secret techniques
  45. Favorite Food = There's not much of a room for likes and dislikes at the end of the century (or the post-apocalyptic world)
  46. Esteemed Acquaintance = Ryuken, Raoh, Toki, and Shuh
  47. Ideal Woman = Yuria
  48. Favorite Clothes = Strong leather jeans that allows him to move easily
  49. Clinical History = None
  50. Academic Background = Well-versed in the super specialized education received from Ryuken. His specialty is in the field of Chinese medicines
  • Hokutō Hyakuretsu Ken (North Star Hundred Crack Fist) - Kenshiro's trademark technique, in which he pummels his foe with a flurry of punches, often resulting in instant death later. He can perform 50 punches in 3 seconds.
  • Kanzan Ryōzan Ha (Rocky Mountain Dual Cutting Wave/Boulder Splitting Wave) - Kenshiro performs a mighty karate chop to embed his hand into his opponent's head, splitting it in two as if his hand were a blade. The blow also creates a burst of aura behind the opponent, damaging other enemies. Originally used to finish Boss Fang.
  • Hokuto Shichi Shiseiten (North Star Seven Stars of Death) - Kenshiro punches at specific vital points that forms the shape of the Big Dipper. Used to also to break walls embedded with the Big Dipper. Originally used against Devil's Rebirth as the finishing blow.
  • Hokutō Juha Zan (North Star Soft Destroying Chop/Hokuto Softness Ripping Slash) - Kenshiro leaps into the air and performs a series of hovering kicks before landing and performing a mighty thrust with his palms held together. In the series, he uses this move to defeat Heart.
  • Seieiko (Awakening of the Senses) - Originally used against Jagi as punishment for hurting a pair of young boys. Kenshiro uses a fierce uppercut to strike the opponent's Ryugan vital point (located on the thoracic vertebrae, striking this point causes the opponent's nervous system to become extremely hypersensitive, to the point where a mere touch causes immense pain). Kenshiro then jumps back and follows up with a charging punch that sends the enemy flying. In the game, this technique always puts the opponent into Meridian Shock.
  • Hokuto Goretsu Ha (North Star Steel Shredding Grip) - Kenshiro produces a sphere of energy with his right hand, before using the might of his very fingers to crush and unleash a mighty blast around him. In the series, this was used to counter Uighur's shoulder charge.
  • Tenha Kassatsu (Heaven Destroy Surviving Kill/Heavenly Destruction) - Kenshiro hops into the air and concentrates his power to erupt seven pillars of energy on the field below him, forming the shape of the big dipper. He finishes the move by causing the pillars to detonate, inflicting heavy damage across a wide area. This technique was used against Thouzer in the series, although in a different form.
  • Musō Tensei (Thoughtless Turning Life/Unconscious Transmigration of Souls) - The ultimate technique of Hokuto Shinken, attained by knowing and experiencing true sorrow, allowing the user to become one with the concept of nothingness. Kenshiro powers up and is temporary invulnerable to any attack. Depending on when the player uses it, Kenshiro may not perfectly perform the move and will only gain a limited moment of invincibility.
  • Hokutō Zankai Ken (North Star Remorse Fist/Hokuto Fist of Pentinence) - A Legendary Move famously used against many minor enemies in the series, Kenshiro simply punctures his thumbs into the sides of his opponent's head. After three seconds to repent for their sins, the victim of this technique explodes violently, stunning nearby enemies. This move instantly kills common foes, but only damages tougher opponents and puts them in Meridian Shock. It became a part of Kenshiro's regular moveset in the second game.
  • Hokutō Ujō Mōshōha (North Star Sentimental Violent Gliding Ruin/Hokuto Compassionate Flying Slash) - A Legendary Move used as the finishing blow to Thouzer, Kenshiro performs four roundhouse kicks before thrusting his fist forward. As his fist rises to the sky, pillars of energy project skywards from the ground, causing any weaker enemies in a wide vicinity around him to experience euphoria before exploding violently.
  • Hokuto Tenkai Senretsu Sho (North Star Dubhe Shattering Palm) - A game-original Legendary Move, Kenshiro throws a barrage of punches with all his might, with each punch releasing large energy projectiles. For the final blow, Kenshiro charges back his right hand and throws a palm strike that sends a mighty finishing blast, devastating a wide area in front of him.

Shin Hokuto Musou

Fighting Style

Hokuto Shinken is a centuries old assassination technique that was devised during the Three Kingdoms era. As it was originally made to protect the three emperors (Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Liu Bei), a slight division named after each of their families exists. Hokuto Shinken is an internal martial art, targeting vital points of energy within the human body with concentrated, powerful strikes. Users of the technique can tap into their bodies' hidden capabilities, making experienced users impenetrable to gunfire wounds and hits dealt by heavy metallic objects. Because of its immense strength and power, Hokuto Shinken may only have one heir to its use, from master to student.

Amongst its family of related martial arts, from Nanto Seiken, to Taizan Tenroken, are all subject to influences of fate from their corresponding constellations and stars, their practitioners to be destined to their very influence and inevitable outcome to manifest their corresponding traits in their lives. According to the legends of Hokuto Shinken, "Wherever the Norther Dipper arises, violence shall soon follow." From this, Kenshiro continues a constant journey as a wanderer to ensure the peace and safety of those who he has saved. In addition to ties in Chinese astrology and astronomy, the role of heir of the Hokuto Shinken school are said to also be entrusted in fulfilling the roles of Hokuto Seikun, the northern judge of the stars in the Taoist pantheon, being the merciless punisher of evil and the protector of the innocent.

The true strength of the style relies on the experiences of the practitioner and their emotions; the more sorrow and love a practitioner feels, the stronger their attacks. They can instill memories of the ones they respect within their hearts, allowing users to be able to perfectly mimic other techniques. Understanding true sadness is the only way to unlock the style's greatest move.

Like most Chinese based martial arts, Hokuto Shinken has both a soft style and hard style; soft styles focusing more on accuracy and speed to strike specific vital points, where hard styles focus on overwhelming power, indiscriminately striking many vital points at once. Kenshiro uses the soft aspect of Hokuto.

In the game, Kenshiro equally relies on kicks and punches for his normal attacks.

I think Kenshiro can take him.

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@LHWKnight: None of that can make up for the difference in stats. Like I said, Hayato at less than 1% power can pull off Kenshiros physical feats. At full steam he could probably annihilate an army by shouting at it.

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Hayato is pretty powerful. They had to slow a camera down to 1/1000 of second to see a blur of a leg kick, when he was only using a fraction of his of power. He can toss tanks over, bend steel, and knock tanks back with just his voice!

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@All_StarSupes: His beard alone has experience more than a lesser man's entire body lmao

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