Kenpachi Zaraki VS Guyver

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Guyver Unit 1  





Ofcourse both fighters can see each other.  
Kenpachi won't just sit there and let Sho carve him in half with his blades.  
His sword itself will be immune to their insta cut everything seemingly ability.
Sho from the Manga Series, since both animes went poof, he can only use Gigantic if Kenpachi is demolishing him. 
Empty Desert on Earth on with a giant pillar. 
I think thats about everything worth mentioning.
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Guyver, via gravity orb,super sonic speeds, and being able to cut through almost anything with the hig frequency blades, also he has his little echo thing that he used to split the head of one of the hyperzonoids, Sho is a bit too versitile and powerful for Kenpachi, but in the strength department Kenny is arguably better.
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Kenpachi wins here..... He can take off his eye patch and unleash all his reiatsu and perform a Kendo Slice......
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Mega-Smasher can punch a hole through a mountain. Giga-Smasher is 100x more powerful. All other base stats of Gigantic are 20x that of the Guyver's, and Guyver's base strength increase is 100x a human hosts. Let's say Sho can bench 120lbs. In Guyver he can bench 12,000lbs or six tons. That was the base increase and he got stronger over time. Gigantic Guyver multiplies that another 20 times. That's 240,000lbs or 170tons. 
Also the blades the Guyver has are vibroblades. They don't auto-cut anything. Their cutting power is consistent with vibrating at hypersonic frequencies which enables them to cut through pretty much any earthly substance. With Gigantic he can project a force field. While I feel Kenpachi could handily take on Guyver-01, against Gigantic he simply can't compete.
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My man Guyver wins in a neat fight
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Zaraki takes my vote but not easily. Actually could go in favor of Guyver.
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