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 no IT



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This seems to be a battle in Goku's favor. Kazuma's stronger Alter forms have been shown to put great strain on his body with prolonged and extended use while Goku's mastered use of the SSJ1 form to the point where he could hold it in both normal and combative situations for long periods of time. Sure, Kazuma's strongest Alter form let him punch holes through dimensions. But Goku's a much stronger and faster opponent, even in his basic form. While Kazuma's exhausting himself trying to get a blow on Goku, the Super Saiyan won't be expending much energy to dodge attacks. Goku won't have to exert much effort to beat the Shell Bullet.
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i like kazuma a whole lot, he's such an awesome character! but i think gouk is better
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The issue in this battle lies in stamina and endurance. Goku has higher stamina whilst using his Super Saiyan form considering his mastery over the form and has even perfected it as it no longer has a massive strain on his body and he can use it as if he was in his base form and his energy does not deplete much. Kazuma's power is quite impressive however his alternate forms cause him too physically expend himself during long periods of time and he will not be able to keep up with Super Saiyan Goku who does not have this weakness and has mastered his form to the point of consuming very little energy that is not noticeable.  
Goku's endurance, physical power, speed and stamina combined should grant him a win in this battle. Goku's speed in his Super Saiyan form is unknown however what is certain is that he is able to move faster than the speed of sound that is roughly 770 miles per hour. Since there is no IT then Goku cannot reach the speed of light (approximately 186,000 miles per second) but he should be much faster than airplane considering that weaker and slower opponents have been shown flying faster or achieving the speeds of planes with little to no effort. Though Kazuma's power has allowed him to deliver powerful blows that rip open dimensions he is not going to be able to deliver a straight hit to Goku because of Goku's speed. 
Goku can dodge Kazuma's attacks whilst wasting no energy while Kazuma's form will be leaving a rather large toll on his body and the amount of strain it imposes on Kazuma's body will weaken his stamina and endurance, Kazuma will be far too exhausted while Goku will have not wasted any serious energy and will be ready for more, once Kazuma is far too exhausted to continue fighting then Goku could simply land a powerful attack defeating Kazuma. Goku shouldn't be exerting himself in this battle given both character's abilities. 
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@Dream: I think you did pretty good here Dream :) 
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Oh lol. At first I thought you meant the Kazuma from Yu yu hakusho.
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Goku wins spite thread.
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A couple things first... the characters in the pictures when they take place (goku fighting freiza, kazuma in his last form)
Uses up tons of energy but his form won't kill him
Could destroy a earth size planet with some effort
Moves slower than the speed of light 
Enough strength to shake a planet with collisions
Extreme strain on his body in last form to the point that if he uses it too long it could incapacitate him or even kill him
Punches holes in dimensions/ rips the dimensions apart by "powering up"
Can fly at the speed of light (can't break the light barrier like Straight Cougar can by folding space)

Kazuma wins simply because of his raw power/speed. If goku can't use instant transmission he could blast kazuma if he could get the energy stored and shot off before kazuma comes flying at him at 186,000 miles per second. Kazuma also isn't indestructible, far from it. I feel like it's more who gets the first couple hits. If Kazuma hits goku once with a clean hit that connects well the fight is over.
If you changed it to Goku at later times such as end of db gt or even the cell games, I think it would be fair, but the nature of Kazuma's powers allow him to break the laws of physics because his power comes from another dimension which doesn't need to follow "our" rules.
If we throw in actual science for goku to be able to move faster the human eye can see he'd have to be able to move above 60hz or cover what the distance is that is a field of vision, which decreases the closer he gets to you, in 1/60 of a second. (just a fun fact)
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