Kazuma Kuwabara VS. The HST

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Scenario 1: Speed equal

Scenario 2: Speed unequal

Distance is 20 meters, Kuwabara takes them one at a time and is healed after every fight, how far does he go? How far does he get with each verse? EoS Kuwabara


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Scenario 1: Speed equal
Distance is 20 meters,
Kuwabara takes them one at a time
is healed after every fight
EoS Kuwabara

Kuwabara with his dimension sword+ Conditions given= Kuwabara clears. His dimension sword can hit people from almost any distance:

it bypasses the durability of just about everyone in the HST as well. With this scenario I dunno how he would lose.

Scenario 2: Speed unequal

Naruto: Stops at high tiers, mainly anyone above Kakashi

One Piece: Stops at high tiers Whitebeard level and above, arguably it depends on if Kuwabara can swing faster than Whitebeard can quake which I'm sure he can but he still loses to Kizaru, Doflamingo ect.

Bleach: Stops at mid-high tiers I don't see him getting past even some espada without speed equal, at most he gets to Aizen but I think even Gin would win.

Toriko(If we are counting that): Stops at Mt, Turtle.

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@Justice: HSF

Holy shounen fourity

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We don't allow individual vs universe style battles here in the Battle forum. Please refer to the Battle Forum Rules for what you are allowed and not allowed to make for threads before you make another thread next time.

I'm locking this up.

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