Katara vs Suigetsu vs Juvia vs Omi

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Scenario 1: Full moon.

Scenario 2: No full moon.

How would these water warriors rank if they had a free-for-all.

I say:

Scenario 1: Katara, Omi, Juvia, and Suigetsu.

Scenario 2: Omi, Juvia, Suigetsu, and Katara.

Although Omi and Juvia are incredibly close in skill.

How would you rank them?

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What can juvia do? I'm not sure but i would think that Omi is the weakest out of the others (haven't seen xiaolin showdown if forever).

Round 1: Katara, Suigetsu, Omi

Round 2: Suigetsu, Katara, Omi

I don't know enough about Juvia to rank her

And doesn't Omi need the orb to manipulate water?

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Just look up Juvia on the Fairy Tail. Her body is both human and water. And yeah Omi has the Orb of Tornami and the Shimo Staff. With those two I see him winning Round 2 with extremely high difficulty. He is actually very durable and still has some manipulation of water without those two.
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Katara with the fool moon. without, then suigetsu. He is a shinobi, that means more skill than any of them. And i supposse he has to have other jutsus up his sleeve, like that giant water monster thing. Juvia seems out of her depth here,and i don't know omi

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Juvia's body is made of water. In this fight that is two bladed sword for her because other water-manipulators would toss her like a rag doll.

Problem with Katara is that she can not only manipulate water, but she can also manipulate other people's bodies a.k.a. bloodbending. That will make her my favourite.

Too bad Tsukiumi is not in this fight.

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@bigz007: but Katara needs a full moon for that, which is why I made two scenarios. With it, she most likely wins. Without it, Omi would most likely win even though it would be extremely difficult. With the Orb of Tornami and the Shimo Staff as well as some water manipulation without them and extremely good H2H skills, I see him taking the win without the full moon.

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@katmic: Omi is from Xiaolin Showdown. Look him up and I honestly believe that he would win with extreme difficulty without the full moon. With it, Katara has bloodbending, which is pretty much OP when compared to other water manipulators.

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Katara has got nuthin on suigetsu
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@18hunt: Whatever Suigetsu does, Katara can likely control it. Water dragon is made of water so she can most likely reverse it or freeze it. Also, Suigetsu and Juvia have a major disadvantage. Since Juvia is made of water, Katara can Probably freeze her. And if Suigetsu liquifies at all to avoid an attack, then Katara can freeze him as well. As for Omi, i don't see why Katara couldn't be able to bloodbend him..Keep in mind that everything that I just said is only for scenario 1. Without a moon she looses all of her powers and is basically fodder. As for scenario 2, i'm probably going to rewatch a few episodes of Xiaolin Showdown to see what Omi can do.

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Isn't Katara the slowest in terms of movement and reaction here? Depending on the distance what is preventing for example Suigetsu blitzing her?

Granted it might not happen since its a 4 way fight.

From what I recall, Omi gets ridiculously overpowerd towards the end of the series. I know Xiaolin Showdown sequel is coming up this year.

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@321zigzag1: Yeah, her reflexes are human or above average human at best. But i can't remember suigetsu having any decent speed feets. And while in a full moon, She is pretty much immune to water attacks.

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@321zigzag1: There is a Xiaolin Showdown sequel? And yeah if it was one on one Suigetsu would get her, but with the full moon Katara is pretty much overpowered compared to the other 3. Scenario 2, yeah Omi does get really powerful by the end of the series. His H2H skill, water manipulation, although it's to a small extent without SGW, Kaijin Charm, Shimo Staff, and Orb of Tornami would give him the win by a slight margin in Scenario 2. He would have the most trouble with Juvia since she is made of water but can become solid as well.

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@GeneralVan said:

@321zigzag1: There is a Xiaolin Showdown sequel?

Yeah, it's called Xiaolin Chronicles, and it's set to premiere in North America on April 8, 2013. Unfortunately though, Raimundo doesn't seem to still be a Shoku Warrior, and some continuity seems to have been ignored. The character designs are in 3D, too. Here's a link:


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